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Reasons for low house prices in Hegang

Some time ago, an article entitled "wandering to Hegang, 50000 to buy a suite" exploded on the Internet. In the big wave of high house prices, the house prices in Hegang are like a 'clear stream'. Many people also praise the author Li Hai's calm and rational response to life.

But the locals don't seem as calm as Li Hai. In recent years, with the transformation of the coal city, there are few employment opportunities, the continuous outflow of personnel, and the house is difficult to rent and sell. Residents of Hegang small town, although there is no housing pressure, can worry about their children for the future.

This old industrialized city also alternates between Enron and solitude under the background of the big era.

You can buy a suite for 20000 yuan

The house price is the last in the country

On the afternoon of November 7, the temperature in Hegang, a small town, reached minus 7 degrees Celsius, and there were few pedestrians on the street. Advertisements for selling and renting houses were posted all over the city, but no one stopped.

Qilu Evening News & middot; Qilu Yidian reporter visited a community in Dongshan District, Hegang City, where Li Hai bought a house. Although Dongshan District is not the city center, it is less than a ten minute drive from the city center.

"We only spent 20000 on buying a house, and more than 30000 on decoration." Last March, Li Wenshan spent 20000 yuan to buy a 47 square meter house in the community, and the decoration cost more than 30000 yuan. Li Wenshan and his wife, both in their 60s, came to work in the city from the countryside. At first, renting a house was not as cost-effective as buying a house. The old couple simply bought a suite with their two-year savings. Li Wenshan said that the top floor they bought had no elevator, and generally no one wanted it, so it also belonged to the lowest price of all floors.

According to the residents of the community, generally, a house of more than 70 square meters on the sixth floor and the seventh floor can be obtained at 30000 yuan for the blank house, while the simple decoration house is between 40000 and 50000 yuan. The most expensive are the third and fourth floors, which can be sold for about 100000 yuan. A well decorated house with an area of 70 square meters can be sold for up to 120000 yuan.

"The house itself is cheap. Good houses can't be sold, let alone the top floor." Lao Qian, a resident of the community, said that the community belongs to affordable housing. He has lived in the community for nearly ten years, and the waterproof of the top floor is no longer good.

In Hegang, there are many similar communities, mainly indemnificatory housing, mostly concentrated in Nanshan District, Xingshan District, Dongshan District, Xing'an District, and there is basically no urban area. The situation is similar in communities such as Nanbin, Hebei, Songhe and Kyushu. " Last year, when house prices in Hegang were the lowest, a friend of mine bought two houses of more than 70 square meters in the south of the mainland for 50000 yuan. " Citizen Mr. Wang said that both houses are on the sixth floor, opposite the door, for the marriage of two sons.

Qilu Evening News & middot; Qilu Yidian reporter visited and found that not all houses in Hegang are so cheap, and the average price of houses in the city center is about 2000 yuan per square meter. For the most expensive areas, the average price can reach about 3000 yuan, such as Yongfeng international city and European royal garden, the average price is more than 3000 yuan or even 4000 yuan.

According to the data of China Real Estate Association in 2019, among the 341 cities included in the statistics, Hegang ranks first from the bottom with an average price of 2177 yuan / m2.

The pain of coal city transformation

Resource exhausted cities are a way. When they live, they are like a fire, but they soon become a pile of ash. Lao Qian laments that nothing can stop the pace of changes of the times.

In the past, Hegang was divided into two parts: mining area and urban area. The urban area was under the municipal management and the mining area was under the national mine management. With the continuous development of coal mines, the surface gradually collapsed, and the houses in the mining area became a collapsed area.

As a last resort, the local government had to build shed houses in many places in the suburbs to transfer the residents in the subsidence area. Lao Qian's family was transferred from Xing'an, a subsidence area.

Lao Qian's family was divided into four sets of shed houses. At that time, the price difference needed to be made up per square meter. For good floors, 550 yuan was made up per square meter, and for bad floors, 350 yuan was made up per square meter. " Our family has two sets, both in this community, and our parents have two sets, but the house hasn't come down yet. " Lao Qian said. At first, the owners of this community lived in the mining area and relocated households. There were too many houses to live, so they rented out.

In 2014, Lao Qian rented a shop on the first floor from the community to operate a restaurant. The community is densely populated. Many people working in the mine rent or buy houses here. People come and go. The business of the hotel is from early morning to midnight. But now the business of Lao Qian's family is much worse than before. " In the past, the family employed eight people as helpers, but now there are only four people in the family. Many coal mines have been closed, and the people working in the mines have left. Very few people come to eat during the day. " Lao Qian told Qilu Evening News & middot; Qilu Yidian reporter has lost more than 10000 yuan since August.

It is understood that in 2011, Hegang was identified as a resource exhausted city. At the end of 2018, about 30 coal mines were closed in Hegang.

Not only is Lao Qian's community facing such a situation, the situation of the whole Hegang City is not optimistic, because the outflow of personnel is large, and the business of many stores is greatly reduced. The downtown area of Hegang is near the times square of biyoute, but during lunch time, the traffic of shops around is not large. Compared with other prefecture level cities, the business district is a little deserted. " My friend opened a shop in the city center. Half of the people in the shop had holidays and half went to work. " Lao Qian said.

Recently this year, the citizens of Hegang have a very intuitive feeling, 'houses are being built everywhere.' There are too many houses to rent or sell, and the house price will come down. " Citizen Ms. Yan told Qilu Evening News & middot; Qilu Yidian reporter.

It is understood that the construction of affordable housing in Hegang City began in 2008, and now 105000 sets have been built, with a total of 97000 households demolished. The current affordable housing can basically meet the needs of demolition, that is, there is no plan to build after 2019.

Yin Zhongli, a researcher at the Financial Market Research Office of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, once said that the government's indemnificatory housing shows signs of overall dislocation. The population is concentrated in big cities, while the implementation of shantytowns is mainly concentrated in small and medium-sized cities. The decision-making institutions of these population outflow cities do not adjust the urban planning, but continue to increase the scale of urban development, Then the relationship between supply and demand will reverse at some time. In China, the total population growth rate is slow and the working population is decreasing every year. In fact, shrinking cities are aimed at this phenomenon in Hegang, and there will be more and more. It is necessary to adapt to the population reduction. How to achieve a reasonable positioning is to make adjustments according to the new situation.

Open black box transactions

The streets and alleys of Hegang are full of house selling advertisements, but it is difficult to find an intermediary company.

An intermediary reported to Qilu Evening News & middot; Qilu Yidian reporter revealed that there are too many resettlement houses in recent years, which has a great impact on the saturation of second-hand housing transactions. Many intermediary companies can't go on and close down one after another. "

According to the regulations on the reconstruction of resettlement houses in shantytowns in Heilongjiang Province, those who have stayed for less than five years shall not be listed for direct trading. " Why do you buy expensive houses when there are cheap houses? Even if someone buys a house, they will tend to change the house from shed to house. Therefore, many intermediaries also turn the house source target to shed to house. Some intermediaries told reporters that some shed houses have met the transaction regulations, but most shed houses have not met the regulations. Nevertheless, the underground transaction of shed houses in previous years is still in full swing, 'the issuing time of shed houses is different, some are three years, some are five years, and many houses do not have real estate certificates at the time of transaction.'

This is an open matter in Hegang. Many people operate like this. Many citizens report to Qilu Evening News & middot; Qilu Yidian reporter revealed. The price of cabbage in Hegang is well-known all over the country. Citizens told Qilu Evening News & middot; Qilu Yidian reporter, there was a time when the government did not allow houses with cabbage prices to be pasted.

At the door of a shop in the industrial and rural area, a big sign said Yijia real estate, and only one woman sat in the house. The woman was very alert and was willing to talk after repeatedly determining that she was a customer who wanted to buy a house. " There is no way. After exposing the price of cabbage before, the transaction of changing shed to house is now very strict, and there are many media who secretly visit. " The woman said that the low house price in Hegang attracted many outsiders. Some people directly read the house and transferred money through wechat on the spot, 'but now as long as it's outsiders, we're all very alert.'

In the process of selling the house, the woman said that they have a lot of houses in the shed reform office. Although they have not reached the trading age, they have someone inside the shed reform office who can trade. " When handling the house entry notice and house purchase contract, it is directly changed to the name of the buyer. This kind of house belongs to the first-hand. " The woman said that there are many such transactions in Hegang, and there will be no problem with the buyer of the house.

Qilu Evening News & middot; Qilu Yidian reporter saw that in the service window of the affordable housing transaction hall, there is a Disciplinary Supervision bulletin board. You are welcome to report the problem of collusion with illegal black intermediaries. The signature is the supervision and inspection team of Hegang affordable housing service center. In Hegang affordable housing service center, the staff refused the reporter's interview.

Peace and sorrow in a small town

'all four houses are for you. Are you willing to marry here?' When asked about the feeling of owning four houses, Lao Qian asked the reporter, what Hegang does not lack is houses, and ordinary citizens of several houses can be found everywhere.

A house can't top one square meter in a big city, and four houses can't compare with a bathroom in Harbin. When asked whether Hegang citizens are happier without house purchase pressure, they often get these answers.

Lao Qian's son has just been a freshman this year, and he has made plans not to return to Hegang. Lao Qian and his wife supported the child's decision, 'we don't intend to stay here ourselves. When our son graduated from college, we will sell the shop and go out to work.'

Xu Ning, a citizen, runs a small shop with his wife. When he is free, he also does odd jobs in the mining area. His days are calm and lonely. " People who don't want their children around, but let their children come back for what. " Xu Ning said that there are no big enterprises in Hegang. Except for civil servants, young people seem to have no good way out.

According to the data of Hegang Bureau of statistics in 2017, Hegang has a total population of 1.009 million, with about 70% of the population aged 35, about 20% from 8 to 34, and about 10% under 17. According to the bulletin of Hegang Bureau of statistics over the years, from 2007 to 2017, there were 121 primary and secondary schools and 60% fewer students. The number of students in secondary and tertiary institutions decreased by 16%.

In 2017, the GDP of Hegang's secondary industry decreased by about 10% compared with that ten years ago. In the same year, among the 13 prefecture level cities in Heilongjiang, Hegang's GDP ranked third from bottom.

Less than five o'clock, night had enveloped the small town. Less than 40% of the lights in Lao Qian's community were on. Three guests came in together, and Lao Qian personally cooked with his sleeves.

At 6:30 p.m., a liquor store ended.