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The Millennium ginkgo biloba is popular abroad. The Millennium ginkgo biloba is the same age as the

[Millennium ginkgo abroad] recently, a 'Millennium ginkgo' in Xi'an was on fire, and even foreign social media reported it. Chinese and foreign netizens were all amazed at the beauty of this millennium old tree. The Millennium ginkgo biloba is located in the ancient Guanyin Temple in Chang'an District, Xi'an. The temple was built in the second year of Zhenguan of Tang Dynasty (628 A.D.), with a history of about 1400 years. It is one of the Millennium ancient temples in Zhongnan mountain.

According to historical records, the ancient Guanyin temple, built in the reign of Zhenguan of the Tang Dynasty, had a considerable scale at that time. The mountain gate, the main hall, the bell and Drum Tower and yunshuiliao are all available, covering an area of more than 300 mu. It has a great momentum and strong incense until the cultural revolution.

Like most temples, the ancient Guanyin Buddhist temple does not charge tickets and has strong incense. Tourists can take a handful of incense, and the incense money is as they like.

The 'Millennium ginkgo' in the temple is the same age as the temple and has a history of 1400 years.

It is said that this ginkgo tree was planted by Emperor Taizong Li Shimin in the Tang Dynasty, and has been listed in the national protection list of ancient and famous trees.

At present, the ginkgo tree has entered the best viewing period, a large number of tourists have come to watch it, and the Zen temple has opened an online reservation. There is no charge for making an appointment to enjoy the trees, but in view of the limited reception capacity of the temple, the temple will not receive those who do not make an appointment during the ginkgo season. You can follow the wechat public account 'Zhongnan Zen rhyme' to make an appointment, and it's best to watch it on a sunny day.

As the saying goes: there are ancient trees in the ancient temple, and there are ancient springs under the ancient trees; Ancient trees and springs protect ancient temples, and ancient temples carry forward Linji Zen!