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Express reproduce the overlord clause. It's too much for express to return the next day without taki

Express reproduces the overlord clause! " It's too much for the express to return it to me the next day if it hasn't been picked up on the same day during the double 11 Festival! " Speaking of the 'overlord notice' posted by the express outlets in the community, Ms. Zhao, a citizen of Chengdu, was indignant.

On November 11, the reporter learned at the scene that the notice did exist. The Baishi neighborhood network that posted the notice said that it would not really return the customer express, but hoped that the residents of the community could take out the express as soon as possible. However, industry insiders said that such a notice itself has been suspected of overlord clause.

Transfer station express must be picked up on the same day? Community residents: too overbearing!

Ms. Zhao lives in a community in Wuhou District, Chengdu, and the Baishi neighborhood network she said is located in the underground parking lot of the community. When I picked up the express last Saturday, I found that the outlet posted two new notices at the eye-catching position at the door: 'there are too many goods during the double 11, please pick them up on the same day, and if you don't pick them up on the same day, you will return them to the company the next day.'

As a resident of the community, she was obviously dissatisfied with such a notice. " Express delivery should have been delivered to the door. Now it's not only not delivered to me, but also made me have to pick up pieces that day. It's too overbearing. " Ms. Zhao told reporters that due to her busy work at ordinary times, sometimes the transfer station has been closed when she comes home. If she can't get the express on the same day, it will undoubtedly cause her no small trouble.

On the afternoon of the 11th, when the reporter came to the Baishi neighborhood network in Ms. Zhao's community, the express delivery here had piled up outside the door. For the notice at the door, a staff member here said that if you can't take it on the same day, 'I have no way'. However, at the repeated request of the reporter, another staff member finally eased his attitude and said it was OK to pick up the parts in two days.

Insiders said that the notice is suspected of overbearing terms, and Baishi express will investigate and deal with the network

After the reporter reflected the situation of the network, Ms. Yang, the person in charge of Baishi express Sichuan, said that the notice of this network must be against the company's specifications. " This is the practice of the outlets in the peak season, and our company will certainly not stipulate this. " She said that generally speaking, express delivery is not received for more than three days. After repeated communication with customers and the other party's consent, it will be returned. However, she also believes that the actual online point itself will not really return parts to customers. Such a notice may only be issued in consideration of the possible position explosion.

Ms. Yang told reporters that the company will let supervisors go to the network for verification. If the situation is true, they may be fined.

A person in the express industry believes that the notice of the network is suspected of overlord clause. Generally speaking, the courier will pay a certain fee to the transfer station to let the transfer station complete the link of delivering the express to consumers. " If you return the parts without the customer's consent, you have violated the relevant service regulations of express. "

He suggested that if consumers really encounter the situation that the transfer station returns parts without their own consent, they can complain to the local postal administration.