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Common sense of winter automobile maintenance what should we pay attention to in winter automobile m

How should the car be maintained in winter? The maintenance of the car in winter is very important, because the parts of the car are relatively fragile when the temperature is low. Therefore, in order to make the car work for several more years, we need to pay more attention to the maintenance. So let's take a look

1. Replace or add antifreeze in time. The outdoor temperature is very low in winter. If the vehicle wants to operate normally, it must have enough antifreeze. Otherwise, the water tank is frozen and cannot circulate normally, and the vehicle will fail. Antifreeze should be between Max and mix. If it is less, it should be added in time.

2. Replace the glass water in advance. When washing the front windshield with glass water in winter, be sure to use high-quality glass water, so that it will not freeze when washing the glass. Otherwise, the of the wiper will be damaged and the driver's line of sight will be affected.

3. Check whether the engine oil is sufficient. In winter, when the car runs normally, the engine oil plays a great role. Before winter, we must carefully check whether the oil dipstick is within the normal range. Let's see if it's time to change the oil in your car? The oil can be changed according to the mileage in the maintenance manual.

4. If it snows heavily and the car is covered with thick snow, be careful not to use sharp tools to scratch the glass when cleaning the snow on the front windshield, especially the wiper. Do not open it before thawing, otherwise it will damage the wiper.

5. When driving in winter, you don't have to use the original geothermal car. Let the car walk slowly and heat the car. Don't use the refueling door. Because the viscosity of the engine oil increases in winter and the circulation is very slow, the hot car can ensure that the engine oil and antifreeze of the vehicle run in place and reduce the wear of the vehicle.

6. Adjust the tire pressure. It is cold in winter. Try to ensure that the tire air of the car is more sufficient than that in summer, because the tire is easy to expand and contract. Only in this way can you drive comfortably and safely.