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How to measure pelvic anteversion? Methods of improving pelvic anteversion

At present, many office workers work at their desks for a long time. They sit for one day. Over time, there will be protrusion of the lower abdomen and enlargement of the pelvis. Some people will think that this situation is simple obesity. In fact, in many cases, these problems are caused by the forward inclination of the pelvis. So how to measure pelvic anteversion? What are the actions to improve pelvic forward tilt? Let's take a look at this article.

How to measure pelvic forward tilt

1: Take off your shoes, find a flat wall or lie on your back on a flat ground, stick your waist and back on the wall or ground, hold your hands in a fist shape and put them between your lumbar spine and the wall. Under normal circumstances, you can just put your fist in. If there is extra space, it means that your pelvis may tilt forward.

2: Put the two palms on the lower abdomen, put the palm root on the anterior superior iliac spine (the most prominent place in front of the pelvis), the thumb is parallel to the ground, and the other fingers are placed at the pubic symphysis. The two hands close to form an inverted triangle. If the triangle is perpendicular to the ground, the bone basin is normal. If the palm root position is forward than the finger position, the pelvis is tilted forward.

Pelvic forward tilt is the most useful action

The most effective way to treat pelvic anteversion is to adjust the tension of relevant muscles and intra-abdominal pressure to correct it.

Stretch hip flexor

Make a forward and backward lunge with your front legs bent 90 & deg;, Erect the upper body, move the center forward until there is a stretch in the groin at the back, maintain for 15-30 seconds, 10 in a group, 5-10 groups a day.

Stretch lower back muscles

Sit on the chair, step on the ground with both feet, bend over slowly with both hands drooping naturally until the lower back muscles have a certain sense of stretching, and then maintain it for 15-30 seconds, 10 in a group and 5-10 groups a day.

Strengthen the strength training of gluteal and abdominal muscles

Lie on your back and bend your knees, clip a ball between your knees, put your hands on your side, then relax your shoulders, lift your hips off the bed with the strength of your hips and abdomen, in a bridge shape, for 10 seconds, 10 in a group, 10 groups a day.

How long can pelvic anteversion recover

differ from man to man.

Pelvic anteversion is a symptom of the forward deviation of the pelvic position from the neutral position. The most obvious symptom is hip kyphosis and the increase of lumbar lordosis angle. The recovery time of pelvic anteversion is related to everyone's symptom severity, treatment time and training method.