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Letter from Du Jiang to Huo Siyan Du Jiang wrote to Huo Siyan to show his love in the air

In the romantic journey of his wife 3 recently broadcast, @ Du Jiang's spy wrote a sweet confession to @ Huo Siyan. Just now Huo Siyan posted a microblog to show her photos of writing a letter. She also said sweetly that 'the letter written by Mr. Du is pretty good', and Du Jiang immediately responded, 'it's just a word... Is it good...'. It's too sweet for them to sprinkle dog food in the air!

'This belongs to and only belongs to the rose in our Rose Garden ',' this is my private message to you openly ', and finally I quoted a poem to express my love. The whole letter is full of sweetness and tenderness, as well as strong yearning, which is the highest mode of love words.

In the program, Huo Siyan was completely shocked when she heard the content of this letter. After hearing it, she began to wipe her tears. She was so moved that she said, 'it's over, I miss him again'. Finally, she scolded: 'it's really annoying', and her tears couldn't stop.

Later, Huo Siyan published the original of Du Jiang's letter, saying: 'the letter written by Mr. Du is pretty good', and the tone is full of pride.

Du Jiang called Huo Siyan 'Dear Miss Minnie', and at the end he called himself 'Mickey who always loves you'. The address was full of sweetness, and the whole letter was full of love. No wonder Huo Siyan was a little shy and moved to cry.

What attracts people's attention is that Du Jiang's handwriting is actually very good-looking! I'm used to some bad fonts among stars. It's like spring breeze to see such neat fonts again.

Finally, Du Jiang signed his name as "lovesickness". Alas, it's really a single dog. It's really going to be abused to death.

In the face of his wife's praise, Du Jiang was also very proud and replied in the comment: 'is it just a good word?' Netizens shouted: I can't stand it. It's too sweet!