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What is the story of the marine pianist

What is the story of the marine pianist

The sea pianist was written by Giuseppe middot; Directed by tonatore, Tim & middot; Ross, Bill & middot; Nunn, Melanie & middot; The feature film starring Thierry was released in Italy on October 28, 1998.

On November 11, the film official released the Chinese commemorative poster, and the film will also be released in mainland China on November 15, 2019.

The film is adapted from Alessandro & middot; Barrick's literary play 1900: Monologue tells the legend of an abandoned baby named '1900' who became a piano master on an ocean liner.

In 1900, on the luxury cruise ship virgin, an orphan was abandoned in first class and raised by the sailors on board, named 1900. 1900 grew up slowly and showed his extraordinary piano talent without a teacher. Everyone who heard him play the piano in the ship's band was deeply moved. Jay, the originator of jazz, heard of the superb skills of 1900 and specially went on a boat to compete with him. Finally, he sighed for himself and left sadly.

Unfortunately, all these things happened at sea. 1900 never wanted to set foot on land until one day, he fell in love with a girl and his feelings flowed on the keys. Will he set foot on the land to start a new life for love and amaze the world with his piano? How he will compose his extraordinary life.