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Heating time in Beijing this year

Heating time in Beijing this year

Recently, the reporter just learned from the municipal heating office that in order to deal with the first cold wave warning this winter, the city will officially heat in advance. The official heating time in the heating season from 2019 to 2020 is advanced to 0:00 on November 14, and the residents' room temperature must reach the standard of more than 18 ℃.

This morning, the municipal heating Office has issued a notice to the district urban management committees and heating units. Since November 7, the room temperature of some residents' homes has gradually increased. At present, the heating units have made heating preparations in advance.

Netizens said:

Eat barbecue you eat barbecue sauce: I envy a place that can heat.

Leila Laila: Tianjin has been officially heated since 11.1.

Happy 201920: isn't Beijing heating at the beginning of the month? These two days, it's not so hot until the strong wind cools down.