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What is a tea pet? How to raise a tea pet

What is a tea pet? Tea loving friends believe that they are not unfamiliar with tea pets. As the name suggests, they use tea to nourish and play with small objects, most of which are made of purple sand or clear mud. So how should tea pet be raised? What are the more common tea favorites? Let's have a look

What is a tea pet

Fun of drinking tea:

How to raise tea pet tea pet is not only a specific tea can be raised. The minerals contained in each kind of tea are different. Pu'er is the most suitable tea to make a good 'tea pet', which has quick effect and is easy to create a good appearance of 'tea pet'.

Tea pets can't be soaked in tea, but should be drenched. Some anxious tea friends soak tea pets in tea or pour them with leftover tea in order to save trouble.

'these are all wrong methods. The luster raised in this way is called & lsquo; Monk Guang & rsquo;, No spirituality.

The tea pet is often wiped with a tea cloth and moistened with tea with a tea pen, so that the raised 'tea pet' will become gentle and pleasant. The color of tea pet will become darker and more shiny after taking care of it over time.

Classic tea PET:

The Golden Toad is a three legged toad with money in its mouth and a string of money on its back, which means gathering money

It is the ninth son of the legendary dragon. It is commonly said that it can only get in and out. Therefore, people think it has the effect of seeking wealth and flourishing wealth, as well as the effect of town house.

Elephants are famous for being good at absorbing water. In China, water is wealth. If you invite an elephant at home, you will accept both big and small wealth.

Moreover, the elephant's temperament is docile and peaceful. Putting it at home symbolizes good luck. People who believe in feng shui will put it in the place with the most wealth indoors, and the whole family will benefit.

The last one must be familiar to everyone. Pee tea pet has been played when I was a child. Maybe the title I gave is a little indecent, but this type of tea pet does produce a lot of happiness in the process of drinking tea.