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Montolivo retired and Montolivo's career review

Today, the front page of Corriere dello Sport reported a shocking news. Former Milan captain Montolivo announced his retirement. Montolivo personally spoke of this decision in an interview.

Montolivo was once known as Pirlo's successor. He played for only three different teams in his career.

Montolivo came from the Atlanta youth training. He played 82 times for Atlanta and scored 7 goals.

Subsequently, Montolivo joined Fiorentina in the summer of 2005 and his career was booming. Montolivo made 259 appearances for Fiorentina in seven years, scored 19 goals and sent 23 assists.

Montolivo joined Milan during the crisis in the summer of 2012. As the team captain, he worked hard. In seven years, he played 158 times for Milan, scored 10 goals and sent 15 assists.

In these two seasons, Montolivo's appearances have decreased sharply. Last season, he was abandoned by Gattuso, and his injuries have become his biggest enemy. After his contract with Milan expired this summer, Montolivo became a free agent, but he couldn't find a suitable home.

In his career, Montolivo made 380 appearances in Serie A, scored 28 goals and sent 31 assists.