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Double 11 express reproduces the overlord clause and returns the parts without taking them on the sa

Express reproduction overlord clause: Double 11 express returns the parts without taking them on the same day. Is it too strict to handle the parts without taking them on the same day? Let's have a look at the details.

Return the delivery without taking it on the same day

According to the monitoring data of the State Post Office, on November 11, all postal and express enterprises handled 535 million express mails throughout the day, a record high.

With the increase of the number of express mail, there are also some problems. Some netizens reported that two notices were posted at the express outlets in their community. The notice shows: 'there are too many goods during the double 11, please pick them up on the same day. If you don't pick them up on the same day, you will return them to the company the next day.'

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In this regard, the person in charge of Baishi Huitong Sichuan said that the company will certainly not stipulate this. The outlets may be worried about the problem of warehouse explosion and will not really return the customers by express. The company will ask them to remove the billboard. If the later supervisors verify that it is still the case, they will be fined according to dishonest operation.

However, some people in the express industry said that such a notice itself has been suspected of the overlord clause. " If you return the parts without the customer's consent, you have violated the relevant service regulations of express. "