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Olympic 2-1 victory over Thailand Yang Liyu Duan Liu Yu scored

On the evening of the 9th Beijing time, the National Olympic Games played Thailand in the warm-up match. Finally, with the goals of Yang Liyu and Duan Liuyu, the National Olympic Games defeated Thailand 2-1.

In the fifth minute of the first half, the National Olympic Games successfully knocked on the middle in the lower right of the restricted area, and Zhang Yuan hit the door and blocked the goalkeeper. In the 15th minute, the National Olympic Games took the lead. Liu Yu on the right section of the central circle succeeded in grabbing the left side of the road plug in the front court, and Yang Liyu was in place to make a contribution. In the 21st minute, Hu Jinghang on the right side in front of the door shot at the side net at a small angle.

In the 24th minute, Thailand played the left corner and pushed it to the lower left of the restricted area to clear the perimeter. The 26th minute, the left rib National Olympic cross, Hu Jinghang shovel shot in front of the door, and the Thai goalkeeper blocked it.

The 43rd minute, the National Olympic Committee continued to put pressure on Huang Zichang in the right rib, and Liu Yujin pulled out the far end. After half-time war, the National Olympic Games temporarily 1-0 Thailand.

Yi Bian fought again in the 51st minute. Chen Binbin cut inside and shot low from the lower left of the restricted area. In the 58th minute, Thailand equalized the score. The arc top is tilted to the left. At this time, there is a vacuum in the side road of the National Olympic Games. The starting ball passes the center guard to the top, and the opponent heads behind to break the goal.

The 62nd minute, the National Olympic Games went beyond. Feng Boxuan's oblique pass at the lower right of the restricted area, Duan Liu Yu's shovel shot volley. In the 70th minute, Yang Shuai was injured after the fight and couldn't insist. The National Olympic Games was forced to change people, and Jiang Shenglong came on the stage. In the 78th minute, Liu Yu and Zhang Lingfeng hit the wall in the lower left section of the restricted area, and the cooperation was smooth. The shooting center guard changed the line at the top of the arc.

In the 82nd minute, the central circle of Thailand began to conduct and break through the National Olympic urban defense twice. Chen Wei attacked to the top of the arc and broke first again. In the 92nd minute, the right corner was sent out by Thailand, fought until the left head hammer attacked the door, and Chen Wei saved it. After the whole battle, finally, the National Olympic Games 2:1 Thailand.