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There are 600 giant pandas in captivity worldwide, a net increase of 52 over last year

Original title: latest data release of Giant Panda: the number of giant pandas in captivity in the world reaches 600

On November 12, the reporter learned from Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research base that from November 12 to 14, the 2019 annual meeting of Giant Panda Breeding Technical Committee with the theme of "giant panda breeding and technology research" was held in Chengdu, and the opening ceremony was held on the morning of November 12.

At the opening ceremony, the latest giant panda data in 2019 was released for the first time: in 2019, a total of 37 giant pandas were bred and 60 survived, and the number of giant pandas in captivity in the world reached 600. Compared with 2018, the number of captive giant pandas increased by 52, with a growth rate of 9.31%.

The number of captive giant panda population has reached a new high, and a healthy, dynamic and sustainable captive population has been basically formed. On this basis, the research on the wild release of giant pandas to promote the rejuvenation of wild populations is also being carried out steadily.

There are more than 1300 wild giant pandas in Sichuan, accounting for 75% of the country. It is the historical and current distribution center of giant pandas. Since the founding of new China, Sichuan has actively carried out exploration and beneficial practice around the protection and breeding of giant pandas, worked hard to overcome the "three difficulties", solidly promoted the construction of key ecological projects such as natural forest protection, returning farmland to forests, rare and endangered animals and plants protection and giant panda ecological corridor restoration, and continued to protect and repair giant panda habitats, 46 national and provincial giant panda nature reserves have been established.

Scientific research and breeding institutions of captive giant pandas, mainly including Chengdu Research Base of giant panda breeding, have deeply promoted technological innovation, established Sichuan Key Laboratory of endangered wildlife protection biology, established scientific research cooperation relations with dozens of international protection institutions and organizations, accumulated nearly 100 national patents and major scientific and technological achievements, and conquered the problems of giant panda breeding, breeding And through the national giant panda breeding pairing, promote gene exchange, and further strengthen the genetic research and management of giant pandas.

At the same time, in terms of international cooperation and Research on giant pandas, in 2019, Chengdu Giant Panda "Mao er" and "Xing Er" went to Denmark as China's friendly envoy for foreign exchanges. The China Denmark giant panda international cooperation and research project was officially launched, and Queen Margaret II of Denmark personally cut the ribbon for the panda museum. On September 1, Mengmeng, a giant panda in Germany, successfully gave birth to a pair of twin cubs, and the scientific research cooperation between China and Germany on giant pandas yielded fruitful results.

In addition, the reconstruction and expansion of Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base, the core project of "panda planet" in the North Lake area of "panda capital", was officially launched, and strive to be completed and opened before May 2021. The completion of the project will further promote the giant panda protection project, strengthen the giant panda brand of Tianfu culture, and effectively promote the construction of ecological civilization.