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Apple credit card investigated Apple credit card accused of gender discrimination

Apple credit card investigated Apple credit card accused of gender discrimination

Netease technology news on November 11, according to foreign media reports, apple co-founder Steve & middot; Steve Wozniak recently accused the algorithm behind Apple's credit card of gender discrimination, which led to the official investigation of the algorithm used to set the credit limit of the new Apple card.

The storm began last Thursday, when entrepreneur David & middot; Heineker & middot; David heinemeier Hansson posted a series of posts on twitter, criticizing Apple's credit card credit system, saying that Apple gave him only one twentieth of his wife's credit line.

Hansen is the founder of the web application framework Ruby on rails. He did not disclose any specific information about his or his wife's income, but he said on twitter that they jointly submitted tax returns, but his wife's credit score was higher.

On Saturday, Wozniak said a similar thing had happened to him. He held 10 times the credit limit of his apple credit card as his wife.

'we do not have a separate bank or credit card account, nor do we have any independent assets. But it's hard to find someone to correct. " Wozniak replied to Hansen's original tweet on twitter.

The Financial Services Department in New York said it would investigate Goldman's credit card business.

'New York law prohibits discrimination against protected individual categories, which means that like any other method of determining credit lines, the algorithm cannot determine different credit lines based on age, religion, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or other protected characteristics.' Linda & middot, director of the New York State Financial Services Bureau; Linda lacewell pointed out, "we know that discrimination in algorithmic decision-making also extends to other areas of financial services."

In August this year, apple and Goldman Sachs launched the highly anticipated titanium credit card. Apple manufacturers said that the card will be synchronized with Apple users' apple wallets and can be used to buy Apple products at a discount.

Apple and Goldman Sachs could not be immediately reached for comment.