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Emperor Naruhito's succession parade starts from the main gate of the palace to Akasaka imperial off

On the afternoon of November 10 local time, Emperor Naruhito and his wife of Japan attended the last of a series of ceremonies as a state affair - "the ceremony of congratulating the royal family". The emperor and his wife cruised in a convertible and received the blessings of the people along the way. This is also the second cruise by Emperor Naruhito and his wife since their marriage in June 1993.

Japan's emperor Naruhito ascended the throne tour source: Kyodo News Agency

Japan's Kyodo News Agency reported on the 10th that emperor Naruhito and his wife set out from the main gate of the imperial palace that afternoon, passing through the police hall, the main gate of the national assembly hall and the headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party, and arrived at the Akasaka imperial office after a distance of about 4.6 kilometers.

It was reported that the emperor wore a tuxedo and a medal that day, and the queen wore a long dress and a tiara. The cars of the emperor's heirs, Akishino palace and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also joined the parade.

Kyodo news agency said that due to the serious disasters caused by typhoon 'haibeisi', the "instrument of congratulation to the royal family" that would have been held after the grand ceremony of accession to the throne was also postponed to today. After the tour, from the 14th to the 15th of this month, Japan will also hold important sacrifices to the succession of the throne, such as the "grand taste sacrifice".

On April 30 this year, Emperor Akihito of Japan abdicated. On May 1, Crown Prince Naruhito ascended the throne and became the 126th emperor of Japan, and Japan officially entered the era of "Linghe". On October 22, Emperor Naruhito announced his accession to the throne at home and abroad. The "instrument of the main hall of the accession ceremony" was held in the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. About 2000 people from heads of state, royal families, senior government officials, representatives of various industries, members of the Japanese royal family, heads of the three powers and county governors from more than 100 countries attended the ceremony.