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FPX won the S9 World Championship and a list of highlights of the S9 global finals

FPX won the S9 World Championship and a list of highlights of the S9 global finals

The game between G2 and FPX in the S9 global finals ended on the evening of November 10. After the first two innings, FPX won the match point 2-0. In the third inning, caps selected the small mage to win the single, but Tian's blind monk was too beautiful and strong in this inning. Finally, FPX successfully defeated G2 with a record of 3-0 and won the S9 world championship!

The BP of the third inning of both sides is as follows: on the FPX side, sindra, wine barrel, kasha, Olaf and excavator are ban, and captain Shangdan, wild blind monk, Zhongdan Gallio and Xialu Xiaxia and hammer stone are selected; On the G2 side, Chiana, panson, iron man, Luo and Rambo are ban. They choose Shangshan Ruiz, playing the wild prince, Zhongdan little mage, and going to Ez and Titan.

In 7 minutes, FPX won the next blood tower with four packs of two for many times. In 11 minutes, FPX pushed down the first tower on the road of G2 by using the canyon pioneer through the operation and package clamp of the military line. In 14 minutes, FPX wanted to push a tower on the middle road of G2. G2 opened a group in the wild area, cooperated with the little mage e skill, successfully killed Tian blind monk, and G2 won a blood.

In 17 minutes, G2 won the fire dragon, and then the two sides fought in a scuffle. FPX killed the prince of G2 playing wild jankos. After 18 minutes, Liu Qingsong hammer stone was caught dead in the field. Then the two sides went on the road and fought a wave of 1 for 1. In 21 minutes, the two sides pulled in the middle, Liu Qingsong hammered Shi Tianxiu, and FPX played a wave of 1 for 2. 23 minutes later, when G2 chose to fight the Earth Dragon, FPX decisively stole the dragon.

After 25 minutes, the G2 people wanted to catch gario of doinb. The Tian blind monk ambushed in the back, directly returned to the little mage of caps and killed him. Then FPX killed three people of G2 and pushed away the road highland of G2. 27 minutes later, the two sides fought in a scuffle, doinb Gallio was killed. In 29 minutes, FPX won the second dragon, killed three G2 people, and the first wave ended the game.