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What is the most cost-effective mobile phone for double 11? Latest Android phone cost performance ra

It's coming to the double 11 promotion soon. I believe many friends have prepared sufficient funds for double 11 to empty their shopping cart. Double eleven is also the best time to replace new mobile phones. Many mobile phones will greatly reduce prices on double eleven. So which mobile phone is good to start with? Choosing mobile phone cost performance is a key point. Recently, Android rabbit released the Android mobile phone cost performance ranking list to help you select the mobile phone with the highest cost performance in double 11. Let's take a look at this article.

It should be noted that starting from the current list, the performance score of the rabbit performance price ranking version will be calculated based on the running score of the V8 version, and the calculation standard is the performance running score divided by the current selling price.

In addition, the condition for selecting the performance price ratio is that the model must enter the general list of rabbit performance ranking. If you do not enter the performance list because of the insufficient number of effective running points, you will not be included in the performance list even if the cost performance is very high. As before, whether the mobile phone is in stock is still an important reference standard. JD also can't enter the list when it shows that it is out of stock. After all, what else to buy when it is out of stock, and the prices counted this time are the hand prices after the coupon discount, not the prices displayed on the page.

After the release of anrabbit V8 version, the running score of each model has increased to a certain extent (not performance improvement), so the cost performance value has also improved. However, due to the change of scoring system, the cost performance value of V8 version cannot be compared with that of V7 version.

0-1499 yuan

First place: Meizu 16th 6 + 64GB

Average score: 337607

Cost performance value: 225.4

Selling price: 1498 yuan

In the annual double 11 event, Meizu does not play the routine, and the price reduction is unambiguous. Meizu's 16th 6 + 64GB version gives a price of 1498 yuan. As last year's 845 flagship, this price is quite sincere, which is more lethal than the current mid-range SOC model.

In addition, the symmetrical bangless comprehensive screen favored by Carpenter Huang has become its main competitiveness, and the blessing of linear motor is not outdated even now. The only deficiency may be the 3010mah battery. Users who want to start the machine carefully consider their use frequency and basically don't run once a day.

Second place: Meizu X8 4 + 64GB

Average score: 190047

Cost performance value: 223.8

Selling price: 849 yuan

The second model in this price segment is Meizu X8 4 + 64GB version, priced at 849 yuan. The machine is one of the few models under Meizu that adopts banged screen. It uses COF packaging technology to realize ultra narrow lower frame, which has more visual impact. In terms of configuration, Meizu X8 is equipped with Xiaolong 710 SOC. The rear Dual Camera + front 20 million selfie lens can afford the price, but the 3210mah battery still tests its endurance.

Third place: glory 9x 4 + 64GB

Average score: 284192

Cost performance value: 218.8

Selling price: 1299 yuan

The glory 9x, which has been stable in price, has also opened a discount of 100 yuan, and 1299 yuan has arrived. The biggest highlight is that it is equipped with Kirin 810 SOC. Its performance is obvious to all. It is one of the best in the current performance of midrange chips, with an average score of 284192. It can not be denied that its performance is very excellent. In other configurations, the glory 9x adopts a 6.59-inch display and uses a lifting front camera scheme to further increase the proportion of the front screen.

Even if the performance is so excellent, the glory 9x is still a little insufficient, that is, 10W charging, but with 4000mAh battery to ensure battery life, the charging speed is different.

In addition to the above three products, the top ten models with price ratio of 0-1499 yuan also include redmi note 8 Pro 6 + 64GB Version (1299 yuan), realm Q 4 + 64GB Version (998 yuan), redmi note 7 6 + 64GB Version (949 yuan), vivo z5x 6 + 64GB Version (1198 yuan), redmi note 7 Pro 6 + 128GB Version (1199 yuan), realm x2 6 + 64GB Version (1499 yuan) and redmi note 8 4 + 64GB Version (999 yuan).

1500-1999 yuan

First place: Lenovo Z6 Pro 8 + 128GB

Average score: 426154

Cost performance value: 224.4

Price: 1899 yuan

Before the release of the new SOC, this year's Xiaolong 855 mobile phones have started to reduce prices. Among them, the Lenovo Z6 Pro 8 + 128GB version has dropped to 1899 yuan, which is basically halved compared with the initial price. In addition to the Xiaolong 855, the aircraft has four rear cameras, including 48 million pixels of main camera and 4000 MAH Battery + 27W fast charging, which is very competitive.

Even so, the UI of Lenovo Z6 Pro needs to be considered. The use experience is not as good as MIUI, flyme and other first-class ROMs. However, the price of 1899 yuan is really fragrant.

Second place: vivo iqoo version 6 + 128GB

Average score: 419115

Cost performance value: 220.8

Price: 1898 yuan

Vivo iqoo is also a mobile phone equipped with Xiaolong 855. At present, the 6 + 128GB version costs 1898 yuan, and the most important thing is that it is equipped with 44w fast charging + 4000mAh battery. The official says it can be filled in only 45 minutes. Users who like to play games can consider that the rear three cameras can make up some. However, the imx363 with the main camera of 12 million pixels is the current 1000 yuan machine level.

Third place: glory V20 6 + 128GB

Average score: 370216

Cost performance value: 205.8

Selling price: 1799 yuan

Near the update of glory V series, glory V20 made a substantial concession. The 6 + 128GB version was given 1799 yuan. The front of the machine adopts the form of perforated screen, which accounts for a higher proportion than the banged screen. At the same time, it has mainstream configurations such as Kirin 980, 4000mAh battery, 48 million pixel Sony imx586 main camera, and there is no problem with using it for one year.

In addition to the above three products, the top ten products at the same price also include glory Magic2 6 + 128GB Version (1799 yuan), Meizu 16th plus 6 + 128GB Version (1798 yuan), redmi K20 6 + 128GB Version (1599 yuan), Huawei Nova 4 6 + 128GB Version (1599 yuan), Xiaomi 9 se 6 + 128GB Version (1599 yuan), realm x 8 + 128GB Version (1549 yuan) and Xiaomi cc9 6 + 128GB Version (1699 yuan).

2000-2999 yuan

In this price segment, the mobile phone is close to the flagship level. What we value here is not only the SOC, but also the comprehensive configuration performance of the mobile phone.

First place: redmi K20 Pro 8 + 256gb

Average score: 428711

Cost performance value: 186.5

Price: 2299 yuan

As the first flagship mobile phone of redmi, the performance of K20 Pro can be called high cost performance. The price of 8 + 256gb version is 2299 yuan. Note that the machine is not the exclusive version of redmi K20 pro, so it is equipped with Xiaolong 855 SOC, but it is better than 256gb ROM, ranking first in this price range.

In other aspects, redmi K20 Pro adopts the lifting front camera scheme, which makes the front screen account for an excellent proportion. It provides 48 million pixel ultra clear three camera, 4000 MAH large battery, 27W wired fast charging, multi-functional NFC and other features. Basically everything you want is arranged.

Second place: Meizu 16S 6 + 128GB version

Average score: 428340

Cost performance value: 186.3

Price: 2299 yuan

Meizu's 16S 6 + 128GB version, priced at 2299 yuan, ranks second in this price segment. It is also equipped with Xiaolong 855 SOC, and it has a good feel. The battery capacity has also been increased to 3600mAh. However, there are only 48 million + 20 million dual cameras in the rear, and there is no ultra wide-angle lens. Fortunately, OIS optical anti shake makes up for the regret a little.

Third place: Red Devil 3 E-sports mobile phone 8 + 128GB version

Average score: 442440

Cost performance value: 184.4

Price: 2399 yuan

The third place is the red devil 3 E-sports mobile phone. The 8 + 128GB version gives a price of 2399 yuan. If it is a heavy game user, this mobile phone may have a great attraction to you. The mobile phone is equipped with a 90hz refresh rate screen, a built-in 5000mAh battery, and a small fan is used to dissipate heat. The heat dissipation performance is better than other current heat dissipation mobile phones. The disadvantage is that it is equipped with Xiaolong 855 SOC, and there are many Xiaolong 855 plus models on the market.

In addition to the above three models, the top ten models in terms of cost performance also include glory 20 8 + 128GB Version (2099 yuan), black shark game phone 2 8 + 128GB Version (2499 yuan), one plus mobile phone 7 8 + 256gb Version (2599 yuan), redmi K20 Pro exclusive version 8 + 128GB Version (2699 yuan), realm x2 Pro 8 + 128GB Version (2899 yuan), Meizu 16S Pro 8 + 128GB Version (2999 yuan) Black Shark game phone 2 Pro 12 + 128GB Version (2999 yuan).

More than 3000 yuan

This price segment is the home of flagship mobile phones, with various advanced technologies, such as 5g network, high refresh rate screen, high-power fast charging, etc.

First place: one plus mobile phone 7T 8 + 256gb version

Average score: 481784

Cost performance value: 150.6

Price: 3199 yuan

The recently released one plus 7T won the first place in the price segment. The price of 8 + 256gb version is 3199 yuan. The machine is equipped with Xiaolong 855 Plus + UFS 3.0 flash memory, ranking third in the Android mobile phone performance list in October. The performance is good. In addition, the 90hz refresh rate screen and hydrogen OS have a very excellent smooth experience.

In addition to the core configuration, the back of one plus 7T is a circular three shot layout, with parameters of 48 million pixel main shot + 16 million pixel ultra wide angle + 12 million pixel telephoto lens. At the same time, the machine is equipped with 3800mah battery and warp flash charge 30t. After actual test, the battery can be fully charged within 70 minutes.

Second place: Rog game phone 2 8 + 128GB version

Average score: 477596

Cost performance value: 136.5

Price: 3499 yuan

Rog, known as the "loser's eye", released Rog game phone 2 this year and gave a starting price of 3499 yuan. The machine is equipped with Xiaolong 855 plus SOC, UFS 3.0 flash memory has also declined, and the built-in vacuum chamber temperature equalizing plate and copper aluminum heat conducting fin have improved the heat dissipation capacity to a certain extent.

For a long time, Rog's products have nothing to do with the word cost performance, and the 3499 yuan of Rog game phone 2 can be said to be very close to the people. Many netizens ridiculed that they bought a logo to send a mobile phone.

Third place: vivo iqoo Pro 5g version 8 + 128GB

Average score: 471588

Cost performance value: 127.5

Price: 3698 yuan

When the 5g topic was hot, the 5g package of the three major operators gave a basin of cold water. The starting price of the package of 129 yuan made many people choose to wait, but this did not affect the pace of the new 5g machine. It can be predicted that 5g will become its standard configuration for the flagship mobile phone in the future. The third place in this price segment is vivo iqoo Pro 5g 8 + 128GB version. The price is 3698 yuan, which is almost the same as the current 4G flagship price. It is the first choice for users who want to try 5g.

In addition to the above three models, the top ten models at the same price also include Xiaomi 9 Pro 5g 8 + 256gb Version (3799 yuan), oppo Reno 10x zoom version 6 + 128GB Version (3699 yuan), Yijia mobile phone 7 Pro 8 + 256gb Version (3999 yuan), Huawei mate 30 6 + 128GB Version (3999 yuan), Huawei mate 20 6 + 128GB Version (3399 yuan), Yijia mobile phone 7T Pro 8 + 256gb Version (4599 yuan) and Huawei P30 8 + 128GB version (3888 yuan).

The above is the price performance ranking of Android mobile phones in the four price segments. Some mobile phones have historically low prices, together with bicycles. In addition, the above data of rabbit is for reference only. We still need to buy according to our own needs.

In this year's double 11, a large number of 4G mobile phones have opened discounts, and the price reduction is large. The reason may be to prepare for next year's 5g mobile phone competition. Therefore, starting with 4G mobile phones at this time point means losing the opportunity to experience 5g. However, considering the 5g package starting at 129 yuan, it's worth missing this opportunity. It's not too late to start with 5g mobile phones after the package price is reduced. After all, Dang Yong and so on Far from being the ultimate winner.

Finally, everyone has a good time chopping hands.