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White down jacket mildew how to wash off mildew spots? Tips for cleaning mildew spots in down jacket

If the down jacket is placed for a long time, it will grow some mildew spots, and the taste is very bad. So what should I do if there are mildew spots on the down jacket? Let's have a look

How to wash the mildew spots on the down jacket?

Method 1: soak the moldy clothes in rice washing water overnight, and let the remaining protein adsorb the mold. The next day, the color of the rice washing water became darker and many mildew spots had been removed. Where the mildew is still stubborn, you can apply some 5% alcohol solution, or scrub it repeatedly with hot soapy water for several times, and then the mildew can be completely removed as long as you scrub it as usual.

Method 2: mildew spots on clothing that are extremely difficult to clean should be wiped with hot hydrogen peroxide solution or bleach solution at 35-60 ℃, and then rinsed with water.

Method 3: the mildew spots on clothes can be exposed to the sun first, then remove the mildew hairs with a brush, and then wash them with alcohol, or scrub them with mung bean sprouts.

Method 4: soak the clothes contaminated by mildew spots in strong soapy water, take them out with soapy water, put them in the sun for a while, soak and dry them repeatedly for several times, and then rinse them with clean water after the mildew spots are removed.

Method 5: wipe with 2% soap alcohol solution (add a soft soap tablet to 250g alcohol and stir evenly), then wipe with bleach 3-5% sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide, and finally wash. This method is limited to white clothes, and the traces can be soaked in the solution for 1 hour.

Method 6: wipe with 5% ammonia or turpentine, and then wash with water.

Method 7: add two-thirds of the paper cup amount of ricolin into the water, soak the down jacket for 10 minutes, then gently brush the local dirt with a soft brush and rinse for 3-4 times. Then press to dehydrate.

Method 8: apply toothpaste on the moldy place and rub it gently, which can effectively remove the mildew spots of down jacket.

Method 9: wipe the moldy place with radish peel, which can effectively remove the moldy spots of down jacket.

Method 10: dip fresh rice on the mildew spot, scrape it hard to smear the rice evenly, and then wash it with soapy water.