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Duke is leaving Ig why is Duke leaving Ig

Duke is leaving Ig why is Duke leaving Ig

In many recent transfer news, although Ning Wang's departure or joining tes is the most shocking, it has not been officially proved by Ig after all. During this short waiting period, Duke, the last single player of Ig, posted a microblog that he was about to leave Ig.

Summary of microblog content: 1) expressed regret for S9's impoliteness; 2) Briefly describe the experience in Ig in the past three years; 3) Thank the fans for their encouragement and company; 4) Expressed the decision to leave the team.

1. Duke left the champion

Unknowingly, three years have passed. Duke, who used to be the SKT champion, has maintained a stable playing style since he came to Ig in 2017. As a substitute for the shy, Duke has been under great pressure. Originally, there were mistakes in the last game of the shy finals. If there are top players like Duke + industry predecessors, it will definitely help the shy get back in shape. But now Duke's departure is a great blow to Ig, which is in an unstable situation. The young disciple is old in the Jianghu, with pink beauty on his temples. Duke is also older in 2019. In addition, lol E-sports players have high requirements for status and South Korea's military service system. Therefore, it is speculated that Duke is likely to join a strong team or return to Lck transformation coach in the rest of his career.

2. Assets freeze of Wang Sicong

Recently, the freezing of Wang Sicong's assets also frequently boarded the hot search. On the eve of Wang Sicong's entrepreneurship, Wang Jianlin once gave him 500 million yuan for investment, which was used to buy LETV shares, invest in panda live broadcasting, banana plan, etc. At present, it is revealed that Wang Sicong owed 150 million, and his assets have been frozen. On the same day, Wang Jianlin's assets were also revealed to have shrunk by 68 billion.

Originally, it was not difficult for Wang Sicong to owe money, but it was more serious when the court was sentenced to be executed. It can also be seen that Wang Sicong did have a problem in capital turnover.

There is a long way to go

In addition, Ning Wang praised the departure of the team today, and Ning Wang's departure is almost certain. The new season of Ig is full of difficulties. In the new season, when all major teams have made greater efforts to allocate strong players, the departure of old players and poor financial situation are undoubtedly worse. How to overcome this difficulty will become an important problem to test Ig management.