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Zhang Yishan took a selfie of Yang Zi Qingsheng and claimed to be Yang Zi's "male god"

Yesterday was Yang Zi's birthday. Zhang Yishan's birthday blessing was too distracted, and Zhang Yishan also took a big kiss and self photo for Yang Zi's hair. Their relationship is really good. The entertainment circle envies the friendship between Liu Xing and Xia Xue most,

The original text of Zhang Yishan's microblog is as follows:

Someone is 27 years old. In terms of career, you have come to the most mature state of an actress. In terms of life, you are a child who will never grow up in my eyes as a friend. You are a person who can't act in life, but always sincere in front of the camera. Watching you grow up so optimistic and kind, to today, so successful, happy for you. Although you have harvested a lot of male gods in front of the camera, I still believe that I am the eternal 'male god' in your heart! Today, 'male god' said to the Goddess: Happy Birthday! We should always live in our own world, be happy and happy! Finally, I give you a big MUA before I become bald!!!! As for birthday presents.... emmmmmmm。。。。。 Yang Zi, you know, our relationship is far from giving gifts!