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Is it OK for women not to have sex for a long time? What's the harm of women not having sex for a lo many single women are in a state of empty nest for a long time. They don't have sex. They are oppressed by all kinds of ethics. They think it's no big deal if they don't have sex. In fact, it's a great harm to women's health if they don't have sex. Follow Xiaobian if you don't believe it!

1. Endocrine disorders and acne spots

For a long time, not having sex will lead to the abnormal secretion of estrogen in women's bodies, which will easily lead to endocrine disorders over time. When the endocrine disorders of the human body occur, acne spots will appear on the skin surface.

2. Decreased hormone secretion can cause dysmenorrhea

Women's menstruation is closely related to the secretion of sex hormones. If there is no sex life for a long time, the secretion of sex hormones will be reduced, which will affect the menstruation of women, and dysmenorrhea will occur easily during menstruation. In addition, it may lead to abnormal menstrual blood volume, irregular menstrual period and prolonged menstrual period.

3. Vaginitis with low self purification ability

Due to the special position and structural characteristics of vagina, there are a lot of bacteria in vagina, but vagina has a certain self purification function. Vagina often secretes a kind of mucus, which can play a role in sterilization.

If you do not have sex for a long time, the vagina will not be fully stimulated, which will reduce the secretion of mucus, thus reducing its self purification ability. The bacteria are easy to multiply in the vagina, causing vaginitis, and then may cause pelvic inflammation, cervicitis and other gynecological inflammation.

4. Nervous disturbance will cause restlessness and sweating

When the female sexual desire is strong, the female hormone secretion increases, but because there is no sexual life for a long time, the hormone will gather in the body, when it gathers to a certain amount, it will affect the human nervous system, and there will be symptoms such as fidgety, sweaty, insomnia and so on.

After reading these introductions, how much do you know about women's sexual life? Generally, women's sexual desire is relatively strong during ovulation. If you repress your sexual desire for a long time, but you can't get it out, it will damage women's physical and mental health. For example, endocrine disorders such as acne spots, hormone secretion will reduce dysmenorrhea, low self-cleaning ability to suffer from vaginitis and so on.

There is no harm of sexual life to the body for a long time

I. The sexual function of sexual organs has declined

For women, long-term virginity increases the amount of time the vagina is wet. Generally speaking, after receiving certain sexual stimulation, the inner wall of vagina of normal women will become moist within a few seconds, which is also convenient for men's' younger brother 'to enter, and there will be no problem of sexual intercourse pain due to lack of moisture.

By the way, I'd like to mention to you that in terms of male health, if you don't have sex for a long time, it will cause erectile dysfunction. It can be imagined that this is undoubtedly a fatal blow to the married sex. It will not only be difficult to meet the needs of women's desire, but also affect the feelings of partners, and even affect pregnancy.

2. The immune system will also deteriorate

Did you know that regular sex can enhance your immunity. Many people don't know this health care effect. They simply think that sex is a bed action movie. As long as we meet each other's needs, it's over. In fact, this kind of sex exercise can also strengthen cardiovascular function.

Therefore, it is not hard to come to a conclusion that long-term abstinence will reduce the blood supply function of the cardiovascular system, and the vascular wall will become more vulnerable. When the body encounters some new bacterial infection, it will lack certain resistance, and the immune ability will naturally become worse along with it!

3. Resulting in sexual apathy between men and women

As mentioned earlier, everyone has desire, which is not a disgrace. Especially for mature men and women, if their desires are not satisfied, their emotions will also decline. Another direct negative effect is sexual apathy. This is because the body reduces the stimulation of hormones, which makes sexual desire lower. If you don't want to be a person who doesn't have a sexual interest, find yourself a suitable and reliable partner!

4. Sense of psychological pressure

Don't think that sexual activity is just a way of mating, in fact, a quality of sexual life can also discharge people's psychological pressure. Just think about it, when the heart is overwhelmed by all kinds of complicated things, the sweet combination of partners is undoubtedly the best encouragement and company. On the contrary, if a person suppresses his desire for a long time, his heart will become more 'Yali mountain big'. Serious person can even cause depression and other psychological diseases, so we should learn to adjust their emotions and desires.

Six standards of perfect sexual life for Chinese

Standard 1: the connection of love

Instead of separating 'sex' from 'love', they insist that 'mind' has a central place in their sexual life and other fields. They see sex as an extremely important part of their relationship, and they are willing and committed to their own and each other's sexual satisfaction.

Standard 2: no right, no wrong

Couples with harmonious and happy sexual life know that there should be no absolute standard that everyone should abide by, and there is no question of how to be right or how to be wrong. As long as both sides are satisfied, it is sexual happiness.

Criterion 3: Overcome saying 'no'

Some women often say 'no' to their husbands' sexual demands. Couples who have a harmonious sexual life, both of them focus on meeting each other's sexual requirements, will try to overcome their original resistance and say 'no'.

Standard 4: closing the gap

Couples who have a good sex life will also encounter the problem of "gender gap". However, because their relationship is full of the spirit of mutual satisfaction for each other, they will take the initiative to make up for the possible gap.

Standard 5: dare to talk about taboos

There has been a taboo to talk about sex for a long time. Couples who have a successful sexual life do not see each other as a God or a man who can read other's thoughts, but open their hearts to frank discussions about sexual life. They also know that if they want each other or both parties to do a new behavior, action, posture or way, it doesn't mean that there is any mistake in the past.

Standard 6: wonderful balance

In sexual life, each party has to pay and accept, both men and women need to serve each other and accept each other's services. A wonderful balance of giving and receiving each other happily, actively and completely will make their sexual life always happy for both sides. Point by point devour healthy body. If you don't meet the right TA, don't worry too much about these problems. In the end, I hope every reader can have a happy and healthy life!