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How to shut down iPhone 11

How to shut down iPhone 11

This year, iphone11 was ridiculed as a true fragrance machine by netizens. Now many children have started a new iphone11, but friends who just got it may not find where the shutdown button of iphone11 is. So how do I turn off the iPhone 11? Let's have a look.

How does iPhone 11 turn off?

Shutdown procedure

1. Users can call Siri of Apple mobile phone and say 'shut down' to it, and the page can show how to shut down;

2. Press and hold any volume key on the left and shut down key on the right at the same time, and a flashing slider will appear. Slide to shut down;

3. First press the volume increase key, then press the volume decrease key, and long press the shutdown key. You can also pop up the slider for sliding shutdown.

Forced on / off procedure

1. First quickly press the "volume up" button on the side of the fuselage and release it quickly;

2. Quickly press the "volume down" button on the side of the fuselage and release it quickly;

3. Then, press and hold the "power" button on the other side of the fuselage until the apple logo appears on the screen, and then release your hand. When executing the third step, the shutdown slider will appear on the screen first. Remember to ignore it, and continue to press and hold the power button until the whole screen turns black and the apple logo logo appears to complete the forced startup.