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What are the reasons for Putin's dismissal of 11 generals? One of them was accused of extorting 100

China News Agency, Moscow, November 4 (reporter Wang Xiujun) - Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a presidential decree on the 4th to remove 11 general officers serving in powerful institutions.

Figure: Russian President Vladimir Putin.

According to the official website of the Russian Ministry of justice, 10 major generals and 1 lieutenant general were dismissed on the same day. Previously, they served in powerful institutions such as the Ministry of internal affairs, the Ministry of emergency situations and the investigation committee.

The presidential decree did not mention the reasons for the personnel change.

According to the news of Russia's RBK news network and news, the dismissed generals include major general menikov, the first deputy director of the public order security bureau of the Russian Ministry of internal affairs. He was previously accused of extorting 100 million rubles and has been detained. The dismissed officers also included major general jurayev, the first deputy director of the General Administration of the Ministry of emergency situations. He was just promoted to major general in June this year.

In the presidential decree, Putin appointed a number of other officers to hold some positions in the above-mentioned powerful institutions.

In February and may this year, Putin dismissed nearly 20 generals serving in powerful institutions twice.