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Who played the role of Hezhen Huating? Introduction to all the characters of Hezhen Huating

Starring Luo Jin and Li Yitong, the crane Pavilion tells the story that Chu Jun Xiao decided to take risks alone for the country and the world, and handed over the power of military collection and payment to the country to bear the curse and die for thousands of years. The following is an introduction to the actors of all the characters in the play:

Luo Jin acts as Xiao Dingquan, the prince of the Southern Qi Dynasty, who is under attack from behind

Li Yitong plays Gu a Bao / Lu Wenxi, introduces Lu Ying's daughter, a civil servant, and sneaks into the East Palace under the pseudonym of a Bao for revenge

Huang Zhizhong plays Xiao Jian, the emperor, the father of Xiao Dingquan

Liu Dekai acts as Gu Silin to introduce Xiao Dingquan's uncle and powerful general

Jin Han plays Xiao dingtang, the eldest son of the common people, king Qi, is timid and covets the throne

Xin Peng plays Xiao dingkai and introduces King Zhao. He is ambitious and has a deep city. He is bent on competing for the throne

Wang Jinsong as Lu Shiyu profile Taifu

Nursery decoration empress Zhao

Liu Weiwei plays the role of Gu Siqing, the first queen, the mother of Xiao Dingquan and the sister of Gu Silin

Zhang Zhijian plays the role of Li Bozhou, introducing Ding Tang's men, thieves of the country

Zheng Yecheng plays Gu fengen and introduces Gu Silin's second son

Liu Yitong plays Lu Wenpu and introduces Lu Wenxi's brother

Dong Chunhui as Zhang Shaoyun

Liu Ting plays the role of general Youming and introduces the prince Xiao Dingquan. The chief commander of the east palace guard wholeheartedly supports the prince to do business for the prince