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What happened before the two brothers fell

What happened before the two brothers fell

At 8:22 on November 2, 2019, our bureau received a public alarm that someone fell from upstairs in Qunxing Garden community, Longchang city. After receiving the alarm, our bureau immediately organized the police to go to the scene for disposal.

After investigation: at about 8:00 on November 2, 2019, Cha Moumou (17 years old, from Longchang city) and his brother Cha Moumou (23 years old, from Longchang City, deaf mute) successively fell from the 7th floor of the first building, No. 212, Chengyu North Road, Longchang city (Qunxing Garden Community), and died after on-site rescue by medical personnel.

At present, relevant work is being further carried out.

Longchang Public Security Bureau

November 3, 2019

Previously reported

Two brothers in Longchang, Sichuan, fell from their own buildings and died one after another. Witnesses said the interval was only dozens of seconds

On November 2, two brothers fell from their residential building in Longchang City, Sichuan Province. Witnesses said that the 17-year-old brother fell first, and the 23-year-old brother fell in less than a minute after dozens of seconds. The family said that the brothers were at home when the incident occurred. It was an accident. Witnesses and family members speculated according to the scene that the brothers fell from an idle house on the first floor of their own house.

After the incident, the police intervened in the investigation. But so far, the police have not informed the relevant investigation.


My brother fell first, and my brother fell down every dozens of seconds

On November 3, the day after the incident, the Red Star News reporter came to the incident community located in Chengyu North Road, Longchang city and found that some people still talked about it. They heard different things. Some said that the brothers fell down together, and some said that they fell one before another.

According to them, the brothers who had the accident lived on the 6th floor of a residential building near the street. After the incident, the canopy on the upper edge of the window on the 6th floor was damaged. In addition, the 2nd to 6th floors are equipped with closed guardrails, and only the windows of the 7th floor are open without guardrails. They speculate that the brothers fell from the 7th floor.

Led by the security guard of the community, the Red Star News reporter came to the 7th floor and found that the 7th floor was full of all kinds of sundries and uninhabited. The canopy on the upper edge of the two brothers' windows was indeed deformed. According to the security guard, the community is a resettlement house. The residents have lived in it for nearly 10 years, but the 7th floor has been idle so far.

According to the owner of a shop downstairs, the time of the incident was after 8 a.m. on November 2. The brothers fell one after another. The brother in pajamas fell first, and the brother fell after dozens of seconds. " When my wife was in the shop, people fell in front of her. " He said. Later, his wife also confirmed what he said, adding that the two brothers fell less than a minute apart.

'the first one fell in front of me. I was so scared that I ran over there. ' The landlady said that as soon as she ran to the other side of the sidewalk, the brother of the two brothers fell down again. But she didn't see where the brothers fell from, and she didn't hear anything unusual before the incident. According to the situation upstairs, she also analyzed that the brothers fell from the top floor of the first floor of their house.

After the incident, the landlady called the police. Soon, a police car and an ambulance came, but both brothers were unfortunately killed.


No quarrel or fight was heard before the incident, and no abnormality was found

After the incident, some local netizens rumored in the wechat group that the brothers jumped from a building because of a quarrel or even a fight. But many residents in the incident area said they did not know where these rumors came from.

The residential building in the accident is a unit with two people on each floor. On the morning of November 3, after the Red Star News reporter came to the community, he successively asked many households in the residential building where he is located. They said that they had not heard or seen the brothers quarrel and fight before the accident, nor found any other abnormalities.

'I went out early in the morning and came back in the afternoon to know that something had happened.' Residents on the same floor as the brothers said that before that, she was not familiar with the brothers' family, and she lived next door and never heard the brothers quarrel at home.

A resident on the 5th floor said that they were also at home at the time of the incident, but no abnormality was found before the incident. " I didn't hear those quarrels, and there were no other abnormal sounds. " A resident on the 4th floor said that he only saw a 'shadow' fall when the incident happened, and then heard that something had happened downstairs.

Family members:

At the time of the incident, only the two brothers were at home. They had a good relationship

The brothers' grandparents also lived in the incident area. On November 3, according to their grandparents and aunts, both brothers were surnamed cha. The 23-year-old brother was a mute and had worked for several years; My 17-year-old brother studies in a vocational middle school in Longchang city. His grades are average. He usually lives in school. He doesn't go home for the weekend until after school every Friday afternoon.

'the two brothers were at home when the accident happened. ' The brothers' grandparents and aunts also said that in the morning, their father went fishing early in the morning, and their mother went to work. After the incident, someone in the community informed their families.

As for the two brothers who jumped off a building because of quarrels and fights, they don't know the specific reason. " The two brothers have a good relationship. They have never quarreled or fought before. " Said the two brothers' aunt. His grandfather also said that among the brothers, although his brother is disabled, he is very smart and often goes to his house. Even the electric motorcycle used to go to and from work in peacetime is also put in his house. His brother 'speaks less'.

They also said that the brothers fell from an idle house on the seventh floor and died.

That afternoon, the Red Star News reporter contacted a relative of the two brothers by phone. The person who answered the phone said he was the father of the two brothers. It was just an accident. Subsequently, the two brothers and relatives who connected the phone again said that the unexpected conclusion was told by the police.

Red Star News reporter learned that after the incident, Longchang police stepped in to investigate the matter. But as of press time, the police had not informed the matter. As for the family members' claim that the accident between the brothers was an accident, it has not been confirmed by the police.