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How to deal with insomnia how to sleep fast to relieve insomnia with the increasing pressure of life and work, insomnia has gradually become a hidden killer of our health. If long-term insomnia will not only affect our daily life and work, but also directly cause diseases, then what should we do? How can we improve our sleep quality? The following editor will teach you some ways to improve sleep, hoping to improve your sleep Sleep quality helps!

Ways to improve insomnia

1. No psychological pressure

There is no need to worry too much about insomnia. The more nervous you are, the more forced you are to fall asleep. The result will be counterproductive. Some people are nervous about insomnia for many days in a row. They think that if the brain doesn't rest in this way, it's not a short life, and it will get sick. In fact, the excessive anxiety caused by this kind of worry is more harmful to sleep itself and its health. So we should keep a natural state of mind, to alleviate insomnia is very helpful.

2. Choose the right sleeping position

Of course, sleeping posture is suitable for comfort, which can vary from person to person. But sleeping on one's side is the best way to sleep. Cao Cishan, a health care expert, points out in the sleeping formula: 'lie on the left side, bend the left foot, bend the left arm, bear the head on the hand, extend the right foot, and put the right hand between the right thigh. The right recumbent position is opposite. 'this sleeping position is good for the whole body to relax, so sleep more safely.

3. Diet for sleep

If tired and difficult to sleep, may as well moderate consumption of bananas, apples, oranges, oranges, pears and other fruits. Because, the fragrance of this kind of fruit has a calming effect on the nervous system; the sugar in the fruit can inhibit the cerebral cortex and easily enter the sleep state. It's worth noting that when you eat at night, you must not be greedy. If you eat too much, it will also affect your sleep, so you should pay attention to the amount of food you eat.

4. Aromatherapy for sleep

There are many fragrant plants that can help us relax our nerves and sleep. For example, jasmine, aloe, lavender, rosemary and other plants. If it's difficult to plant plants, it's OK to use a convenient and simple sleeping fragrance.

5. Sleep induction

Listening to flat and rhythmic sounds, such as cricket calls, train running sounds, dripping sounds, and tapes with the sound of spring rain, or music hypnosis tapes, can help sleep, and can also establish a conditioned reflex to induce sleep.

6. Create a safe sleeping environment

Some people are hard to fall asleep because of a serious lack of security. When they sleep, they like to hide themselves in the quilt or other ways. In this case, when there is no quilt, they can try holding a pillow or a plush toy. If you are afraid of the dark, put a small night light in front of the bed.

What is good to eat if you often lose sleep

1. Millet: millet millet is the most nutritious cereal for people who suffer from insomnia, among which tryptophan is the most abundant, with the functions of calming, tranquilizing and helping sleep. In addition, millet also contains a lot of starch, which is easy to produce a sense of food and satiety for insomnia patients after eating. It can promote the secretion of insulin and increase the amount of tryptophan into the brain.

2. Walnuts: walnuts are nutritious and have the effect of improving sleep quality. In addition, insomnia is often used to treat neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness, dreaminess and other symptoms. The specific way to eat is to match with black sesame, mash into paste, take 15g before going to bed, the effect is very obvious.

3. Honey: honey is very rich in nutrition. It is a kind of food for insomnia, which has the function of nourishing the spleen. In addition to the role of upset, every night with honey 50 grams of boiled water to drink, conducive to sleep. Honey for insomnia patients can promote their own emotional stability, so moderate consumption of honey also promotes insomnia.

4. Sunflower seeds: insomniacs can eat some sunflower seeds properly, which is also helpful to sleep. Because sunflower seeds contain a variety of amino acids and vitamin B3, which can improve the inhibition function of brain cells and play a role of calming the nerves. Therefore, it is suggested to take a handful of sunflower seeds after dinner, which has hypnotic effect.

5. Milk: drinking a cup of hot milk before going to bed is helpful to sleep. Because there are two kinds of hypnotic substances in milk: Tryptophan; and peptides that regulate physiological functions, which can be combined with central nervous system and play the role of anesthesia and analgesia similar to opium, making people feel comfortable all over the body. Drinking a glass of milk before going to sleep can make people fall asleep.

The skill of fast falling asleep

1. Count down from 300, decreasing by 3 each time. Many people can't sleep because they can't distract, but this kind of complicated and boring counting method is an effective distraction skill.

2. Don't drink coffee after 2 p.m. Because caffeine lasts more than eight hours, it stays in the body for more than 10 hours after age 50.

3. Take a hot bath before going to bed. Take a bath one hour before going to bed, the water temperature shall not be lower than 38 ℃, and the time shall not be less than 20 minutes.

4. Sports and regular activities are helpful to sleep. However, sleepless people should pay attention not to do strenuous exercise within two hours before sleep;

5. Reduce the room temperature of the bedroom. When the bedroom temperature is 18 ℃ - 24 ℃, and the bed temperature is 27 ℃, the sleep quality is the best.

6. Pay attention to the light in the bedroom. The bedroom light has the function of adjusting the biological clock. Too bright will lead to the brain melatonin secretion reduction, too awake, difficult to sleep. It is best to choose a darker and softer reading light before going to bed. During sleep, it is best to turn off all light sources.