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What are the famous books of Douban high score? Ranking of famous works with the highest score of Do

Douban is the most famous scoring website in China. Many readers will refer to Douban score when choosing books. There are many world famous works that are very worth seeing. What are the world famous works with Douban high score? This article brings you the summary and recommendation of Douban high score world famous works. Let's see if there is anything you like.

1. Illustrated edition of Fu Lei's translation collection: John & middot; Christophe (set of 4 volumes)

Author: Roman Roland, translated by Fu Lei

Douban score: 9.9

Reason for recommendation:

The collection of Fu Lei's translations (15 volumes) has published 43000 sets only under the title of the translation collection, which are two publishing peaks that are insurmountable for future generations.

In order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Mr. Fu Lei's death and the 35th anniversary of the publication of Fu Lei's translations, Anhui literature and Art Publishing House has carefully created the collection of Fu Lei's translations (Illustrated Edition).

Fu Lei's translation of John Christophe is a monument in the field of literary translation. Fu Lei's translation of Balzac's human comedy makes Fu Lei the spokesman of Balzac in China. Unfortunately, the Chinese spokesman, after translating Babbitt's disillusionment, turned out to be Fu's masterpiece, Fu Lei's' disillusionment '. The translation collection contains eight works of Balzac and two works of Roman Roland in nine volumes. The last volume, Dana's philosophy of art, is the favorite book of Fu Lei's life.

2. Literary masterpiece & middot; Penguin Classics: Shakespeare's Tragedies (Paperback)

Author: Shakespeare, translated by Zhu Shenghao

Douban score: 9.8

Reason for recommendation:

Penguin Classic brand value. Penguin Classics began in 1964 and has been the leader in the field of classic publishing in the English world.

3. Famous literary works: a series of famous translations of famous works, les miserables (Volume 1, Volume 2)

Author: [FA] written by Hugo, translated by Li Dan and Fang Yu

Douban score: 9.8

Reason for recommendation:

Poverty impoverishes men, hunger depraves women, and darkness weakens children.

Since its establishment in the 1950s, the people's Literature Publishing House has devoted itself to the publication of famous foreign literary works. It has invited first-class domestic scholars to study and demonstrate the topic selection. Translation is the task of selecting specialized translators. It has successively published large-scale series such as "famous foreign literary works series", "world literary works library", "20th century foreign literature series" and "illustrations of famous works translation" and collections of famous foreign writers These works have been loved by generations of readers.

In order to meet the readers' reading and collection needs, we select the best from the best, and launch the hardcover 'famous works and translation series', which is a well-known masterpiece of foreign literature. The beautiful and vivid translations of translators such as Feng Zikai, Zhu Shenghao, Bing Xin and Yang Jiang add color to these immortal works. Most of the works are equipped with exquisite original illustrations. I hope this set of books can become a necessary collection for Chinese families.

4. Old man Gao (translator Professor Xu Yuanchong's complete classic translation, the cornerstone of Balzac's human comedy, daughter should be rich, but also rich in spirit)

Author: [France] Balzac, translated by Xu Yuanchong

Douban score: 9.7

Reason for recommendation:

1. The complete translation of Professor Xu Yuanchong's Classics, the cornerstone of Balzac's human comedy, is a newly upgraded Collection Edition! Hugo, Proust, Maugham and other great writers admire the classics! Daughter should be rich, but be 'rich' in spirit!

2. Depicting the strange faces of all living beings in Paris in the 19th century can be called Balzac's great tragic novel. It is the cornerstone of human comedy and the emotional translation of Professor Xu Yuanchong, a great translator.

3. Old man Gao is representative in showing the breadth and depth of social life, reflecting the progress and limitations of the writer's world outlook, and expressing the artistic achievements and shortcomings of human comedy. Its artistic style can represent the characteristics of Balzac-- Xu Yuanchong

4. Balzac is a great novelist in the world. He has amazing genius, rich ideas, great creativity, accurate and subtle observation. The number of characters created in human comedy is amazing, and in my opinion, old man Gao is the cornerstone of human comedy-- W.S.Maugham

5. Famous literary works: famous translated works & middot; Selected short stories of Zweig

Author: [Austria] S & middot; By Zweig

Douban score: 9.7

Reason for recommendation:

S & middot; Zweig is a world-famous Austrian writer in the 20th century and one of the Zui important writers of modern German literature. He 'won a wide reputation for his German works, which won him no favor in English and French', and 'deserves to be a real artist.' His creation began with poetry. At the same time, he wrote biographies, plays and engaged in literary translation. Among them, novels and biographies Zui are famous. His novels are good at detailed character description and psychological description. The plot of the story seems plain, but the structure is strange and twists and turns. It often gives people an unexpected and reasonable ending, which is very impressive. This book contains 16 short stories, which are definitely worth collecting!

6. The old man and the sea - 'slow reading' series

Author: Hemingway, translated by Li Yafei

Douban score: 9.7

Reason for recommendation:

★ a new translation, viewing classic works from the perspective of ordinary people. The most grounded translation smoothly interprets the tough guy spirit of an ordinary person.

★ translation between Chinese and English to meet the needs of different readers.

★ exquisite color inserts, including the cover of the old man and the sea, the cover of Zhang Ailing's translation, various arts inspired by the old man and the sea, and the group photo of Hemingway and big fish. Pay tribute to the classic!

★ exquisite freehand double cover, rare linen paper cover, sublimating hand feeling and reading experience.

★ a man can be destroyed, but he cannot be defeated.

Wonderful book recommendation:

7. Floating (suit Volume I and II)

Author: [US] Mitchell, translated by Huang Huairen and Zhu youruo

Douban score: 9.7

Reason for recommendation:

"Famous translation: gone with the wind (suit Volume I and II)" is a color illustrated book, famous translation. Gone with the wind (Volume 1 and Volume 2) is one of the world's best-selling literary masterpieces, and it is also one of the most influential American literary works in China. He won the Pulitzer Prize for literature in 1937. In 1986, it became an ideal collection recommended by French reading magazine.

An amazing masterpiece of fiction, it is so solid and important that it can not but enter the eternal body of American Literature & hellip& hellip; Of all the novels about the civil war and its aftermath, it is the best one far ahead-- New York Post

8. Dostoevsky's works: Karamazov brothers (suit Volume 1 and 2)

Author: [Russia] Dostoevsky, translated by Rong rude

Douban score: 9.6

Reason for recommendation:

Dostoevsky's works: Karamazov brothers (suit Volume I and II) is the last novel created by the great Russian writer Dostoevsky. It is one of his main representative works and the peak of his works. From a specific point of view, that is, the contradictions and conflicts within a "coupled family" headed by upstarts, it reflects the violent shock experienced by Russian society after the serfdom reform in 1861, the profound changes in interpersonal relations and people's thinking caused by it, and the complex social and ethical problems that need people to think about and solve.

9. Famous literary works: John Christophe: (three volumes)

Author: [France] Roman Roland

Douban score: 9.6

Reason for recommendation:

★ world classics, Nobel Prize winning works in 1915, the first reading bibliography of CCTV's "reader", and the literary classics of the new Chinese curriculum standard of the Ministry of education.

★ Fu's translation of John Christophe is a monument in the field of literary translation.

Mr. Fu Lei spent decades translating it twice and revising it six times. The translation is characterized by vividness, which is not only faithful to the literal meaning of the original work, but also shows the feelings of the original work.

★ unique binding design and precious commemorative illustrations, including Roman & middot; Autographed photos presented by Roland and Fu Lei.

Bid farewell to the dark, oppressive and thick style of traditional classic books, be more full of fresh literary and artistic flavor, integrate the sense of modernity, and create a unique reading experience.

★ 2018 is the 110th anniversary of Mr. Fu Lei's birthday. A commemorative hardcover collection of Fu Lei's translated works is specially launched, which is of great collection value

10. Floating (illustrated book) (suit up and down)

Author: [United States] Margaret & middot; Written by Mitchell and translated by Huang Jianren

Douban score: 9.6

Reason for recommendation:

A writer who is famous all over the world and occupies a place in the literary world after writing only one work. And American woman writer Margaret & middot; Mitchell is such a writer. As soon as her only work gone with the wind (illustrated book) (suit up and down) came out, it became a best-selling work in American novels. Since its publication in 1936, gone with the wind (illustrated book) (set up and down), a romance of the American Civil War, has broken all publishing records. In 1937, the novel won the Pulitzer Prize. Three years later, it was adapted into a film, and even the film has become a classic in the history of American film.

Gone with the wind (illustrated book) (suit 1 and 2) is a novel about war. It is set in the American Civil War and post-war reconstruction in the 1860s, but Margaret did not focus on the battlefield. Taking the love story of the heroine Scarlett as the main line, she describes the rough fate of Scarlett, the daughter of the American manor owner.

11. Moon and Sixpence (the new version of color insert is complete without deletion, and the original English version is presented. It sells well in 1 million copies and is listed in the annual high score list of Douban) [Guomai classic]

Author: produced by Guomai culture; Written by Maugham and translated by Li Jihong

Douban score: 9.6

Reason for recommendation:

◇ 2019 color insert new version, and present the original English novel

◇ 13000 words in-depth reading guide + 108 carefully revised notes, won the annual high score list of Douban

◇ \ 'a good book \' recommended, selling 1 million copies

◇ the dream book of literary and artistic youth

12. John Christophe

Author: Roman & middot; Written by Roland, translated by Fu Lei

Douban score: 9.6

Reason for recommendation:

The difficulty of human beings is how to face their own spiritual world after meeting the material life; To become a warrior, you must fight against your humble sentiments all the time.

13. War and peace (Volume 1, 2, set)

Author: [Russia] Lev & middot; Written by Tolstoy and translated by Qiao Zhenxu

Douban score: 9.6

Reason for recommendation:

War and peace, praised by Turgenev as "the great novel of a great writer", is Tolstoy's first novel, a total of four volumes, written from 1863 to 1869. This epic masterpiece mainly describes the patriotic war in 1812, in which the Russian people rose up against Napoleon's aggression, and describes the lives of the Russian people during and after the war. The author closely combined the fate of the four families with the fate of the motherland, created thrilling scenes of war and life, and created many characters who put the safety of the motherland and national interests above everything, such as Andre, Pierre, Natasha, Nicola, Petya and other noble youth. In Tolstoy's works, the patriotic war was a people's war. Many ordinary people took up arms and dealt a heavy blow to the enemy.

14. Literary masterpiece & middot; Penguin Classic: ogi & middot; Adventures of March (essence)