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The merchant responded to the sky high price of 400 yuan of double cooked pork. It turned out that t

The merchant responded to the sky high price of 400 yuan of double cooked pork. It turned out that there was a reason

Recently, a "recipe of daimu'er, founder of Lianshan double cooked pork" has aroused heated discussion among netizens. In the recipe, the price of high-quality double cooked pork (10 pieces) is 400 yuan. " What meat is so expensive? " A 400 yuan share of double cooked pork should feel like western food. " Many netizens questioned the price of this dish.

On November 1, Dai Mei, the person in charge of the store, told the cover news reporter that this high-quality meat uses the pork provided by the designated point. At present, the price is 58 yuan per kilogram. A high-quality dry rod double cooked meat weighs more than four kilograms. " Costs rise too fast, leading to price increases. "


The menu price is 400 yuan for 10 pieces of meat. Netizens questioned that the price is too high

'one double cooked pork, 10 pieces, selling price 400 yuan?' Recently, in Deyang citizens and on the Internet, a netizen published the recipe of Dai mu'er, founder of Lianshan double cooked pork, which aroused heated discussion among netizens.

According to the recipes drying out by netizens, a dish called high-quality air pole double cooked meat (10 pieces) is priced at 400 yuan. The double cooked pork in the second row of hot dishes is priced at 240 yuan, 180 yuan and 120 yuan respectively according to large, medium and small portions.

High quality double cooked pork with drying rod

'400 yuan a share, only don't eat', 'if I can order one, I'll definitely eat the feeling of steak'. ' A double cooked pork costs 400 yuan. It's too expensive. " Once the recipe was published, many netizens ridiculed the price, and some questioned the pricing of the store.


The fixed-point supply of pork is 58 yuan per catty, and the meat for each dish is nearly 5 catties

On the morning of November 1, the cover reporter came to Lianshan Town, Guanghan City and found the hotel shown in the menu. Subsequently, the cover news reporter contacted Dai Mei, the person in charge who had gone out.

"The price increase started about 4 or 5 days ago. We priced 240 yuan for the previous high-quality meat." Daimei said that the pork they use is different from ordinary pork. In order to ensure the quality of dishes, pork is provided by designated points. Previously, the price of pork per kilogram increased to 58 yuan.

Daimei told reporters that although there are only 10 pieces of meat, each piece of raw meat weighs more than 4 liang. It takes nearly 5 kg to make 10 pieces of meat alone. Due to the rising cost, they have no choice but to set the price at 400 yuan per share.

Daimei said that generally, the price of double cooked pork made from pork is much lower than that of high-quality double cooked pork.

present situation

400 copies of double cooked pork marked that the raw materials are too tight to make

From the menu provided by the clerk, the cover news reporter saw that the high-quality double cooked pork (10 pieces) dishes have been pasted with sold out labels.

"Pork is in short supply recently, and there are few raw materials provided at the designated point. There is no high-quality meat raw materials, and there is no way to make this dish." Dai Mei told reporters.

Dai Mei said that in recent days, due to material reasons, there may be no way to supply high-quality double cooked pork with drying poles. " We have also been paying attention to the market price. The price increase is based on cost considerations. If the pork price drops, our pricing will certainly fall. "

Daimei said that when the price rises to 400 yuan a share, many regular customers understand the weight of dishes and can accept the price rise. At present, some people have ordered this dish, but due to raw materials, they can't provide it.