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How to maintain walnut furniture? What are the advantages of walnut furniture

How to maintain walnut furniture? Many people like wooden furniture made of walnut, which looks low-key and luxurious. However, because it is wooden furniture and the price is relatively expensive, we should pay more attention to maintenance in order to use it for a longer time. So let's take a look at the maintenance methods of walnut furniture

How to maintain walnut furniture

1. Avoid exposure to the sun

When maintaining walnut furniture, we try not to expose walnut furniture to the sun, because walnut after exposure is easy to dry and crack, even if it does not dry and crack, it may make the wood more fragile. We all know the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, and this problem will also occur in walnut furniture.

2. Prevent dry crack

When the climate is dry, we can wipe the walnut furniture with a wet cloth or install a humidifier in the room. This can prevent water evaporation in walnut furniture and prevent furniture from cracking. If walnut cracks, its service life and beauty will be greatly reduced.

3. Waxing maintenance

After purchasing walnut furniture, we can wax walnut furniture regularly. The best waxing interval is from June to December. Before we maintain and wax walnut furniture, we'd better clean it with alkaline soapy water first, so as to avoid dust adhering to the surface, which will have a certain impact on our waxed furniture.

4. Pay attention to corrosion protection

Walnut furniture can not contact some corrosive liquid, which is easy to corrode walnut furniture, just like people being disfigured. In general, it is difficult to restore the corroded furniture to its original state.

5. Don't press with heavy objects

During the maintenance of walnut furniture, we should not place too heavy items on the walnut furniture, which can easily lead to the deformation of the furniture. If the objects are too heavy, it may also lead to the damage of the furniture. If so, we will lose more than we gain.

Advantages of walnut furniture

1. Walnut furniture is not easy to crack and deform.

2. Walnut wood has elegant color, exquisite and unique wood grain, clear and charming, and the furniture made of walnut is elegant and generous.

3. The moisture content of walnut is low, and the influence of dry shrinkage and wet expansion of wood on walnut is smaller than that of other wood.

4. Walnut furniture has strong hot pressing ability, strong durability and strong corrosion resistance of core materials.

Disadvantages of walnut furniture

1. The exposed parts of walnut furniture need to be well protected to avoid damage.

2. Walnut furniture is expensive. It generally needs more than 8000 to 10000. It is not suitable for ordinary people to buy.

3. The wood structure of walnut is not as compact as that of mahogany, and its compressive and bending resistance is also medium in wood.

4. Sapwood is easy to be damaged by bark beetle; The bending resistance and compression resistance are medium, and the toughness is poor.