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Spy war deep sea sting episode 19 Episode 20 notice Chen Shan proposes to marry Zhang Li

The plot of deep sea sting of espionage war is adapted from Haifei's novel of the same name "sting", which tells the story of the fall of Shanghai in 1941. Chen Shan was accidentally favored by the Japanese spy Araki because he looked like juntong agent Xiao Zhengguo. From then on, he was involved in a bloody espionage war. Under the continuous influence of Zhang Li, he gradually realized his responsibility as a Chinese and resolutely joined the story of the Communist Party.

Spy war deep sea sting episode 19 Trailer plot

Chen Shan and Zhang Li hid in a freezer. When they were glad that they had come out of the gate of hell again, Fei Zhengpeng surrounded them with people. Fei Zhengpeng mentioned to Chen Shan that he had promised him that he would have a good drink with him when he came out of the interrogation room.

Chen Shan asked him if he dared to drink with himself alone. Fei Zhengpeng ordered his men to go out and drink with Chen Shan. Chen Shan sighed that if he was the master at home, it would be a great pleasure in life to burn a plate of braised meat and put on a plate of chess.

Spy war deep sea sting Episode 20 Trailer plot

Chen Shan tidied up his suit, then pushed open the door and shouted Zhang Li's name. Zhang Li was washing clothes. When he heard it, he ran out quickly. Seeing Chen Shan's very solemn appearance, he was curious and thought he must have something important to tell himself.

Chen Shan knelt on one knee and took out a box from his pocket. After opening it, there was a diamond ring inside. He solemnly proposed to Zhang Li. Zhang Li was stunned by Chen Shan's sudden move and was at a loss for the moment.