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Detailed interpretation of the implementation of the new regulations on Beijing entry permit

Detailed interpretation of the implementation of the new regulations on Beijing entry permit

From November 1, the new policy on the travel restriction management of foreign licensed buses in Beijing will be officially implemented. Each foreign licensed bus can apply for a Beijing entry permit up to 12 times a year, and each time is valid for up to 7 days. In other words, after the implementation of the new deal, foreign vehicles can be used for up to 84 days a year in Beijing.

According to the notice of Beijing Municipality on taking traffic management measures for some passenger cars (hereinafter referred to as the notice), the measures implemented from November 1, 2019 are called "the strictest in history" because there are four major changes compared with the previous restriction policies on foreign license plates.

Change 1: the restricted area is expanded. From November 1, 2019, the restricted areas of foreign brands will be expanded from the Fifth Ring Road to the Sixth Ring Road, and Tongzhou, the Deputy administrative center of Beijing, will be divided into restricted areas. Change 2: the paper entry permit must be clearly stated. There are two ways to apply for the Beijing entry permit, one is to handle it on site at the high-speed service point, and the other is to handle it online through the 'Beijing traffic police app'. After the implementation of the new regulations, the Beijing entry permit handled by the mobile terminal must be printed into a paper version and placed in the lower left inner side of the front windshield.

Change 3: the number of days in Beijing will be limited every year. Each vehicle with a foreign license can apply for a Beijing entry permit up to 12 times a year, and each time is valid for up to 7 days. Therefore, it can drive for up to 84 days a year, accounting for 23% of the number of days in the whole year. According to the relevant person in charge of Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, according to the actual needs, it can apply continuously, or monthly or irregular. After the implementation of the new deal on November 1, the remaining 61 days in 2019 only account for this year's quota, which can be understood as a 'buffer', and will enter a new counting cycle on January 1 next year.

Change 4: within the restricted area, you can't just stop without driving. If the Beijing entry permit is not handled or the Beijing entry permit exceeds the validity period and is parked on urban roads above the branch level within the restricted range, the number of days that can handle the Beijing entry permit in the current year shall be deducted according to the parking days.

How many cars will be affected by the new rules of Beijing entry permit? According to the data of Beijing Transportation Commission, as of the end of May this year, the number of motor vehicles in Beijing was 6.21 million (including 5.19 million passenger cars) and about 1 million foreign brand cars. At present, it is circulated on the Internet that individual communities no longer renew parking spaces for vehicles with license plates in other cities.

However, Mr. Xu, who lives in Tongzhou, Beijing and has a Hebei license plate on his car, said that the new regulations have little impact on him. "In the past, he only needed a Beijing entry permit to go to the urban area, but now he needs a permit to go back to Tongzhou. But I don't work very hard. I really can't. It's not a big deal to put the car in the community and take a taxi. "

According to the explanation of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, vehicles without certificates can park in their own community parking space or in a public parking lot outside the road, and the number of days will not be deducted. However, if they go on the road again, they need to apply for a Beijing entry permit, otherwise they will be punished accordingly. In addition, after the expiration of the entry permit for foreign vehicles to Beijing, if they park in the off-road parking lot, the effective days of re handling the permit will not be reduced, and they will not be punished. Why should we limit the number of days in Beijing? Beijing Traffic Management Bureau said that the traffic environment resources of the central city and the sub center are limited and can not afford too many cars.

According to the monitoring and data of Beijing traffic control department, about 709000 vehicles with foreign port license plates have continuously applied for Beijing entry permits and have been used in Beijing for a long time. Vehicles running on urban expressways account for 10% of foreign passenger cars; The proportion of domestic and foreign buses parked in residential areas on the Fifth Ring Road is 5% to 13%, and that outside the Fifth Ring Road has reached 15% to 29%. This figure has seriously affected the fairness and effectiveness of Beijing's total motor vehicle control policy. Of course, there are also considerations about the shortage of parking resources in the urban area.

It is also difficult to enter Beijing. For example, the most common is parking, because Beijing lacks parking spaces, and now many citizens will have their own cars. At present, the new rules of Beijing entry permit have appeared, which will also solve the problem of difficult parking. Before entering Beijing, you need to understand the latest rules!