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The Chinese men's basketball team has officially changed its coach. After Li Nan's class, Du Feng ta

The Chinese men's basketball team has officially changed its coach. After Li Nan's class, Du Feng takes over the Chinese men's basketball team

"Head Li" failed to survive the "cold winter" of Chinese basketball after all. He, who led the team to a disastrous defeat in the men's Basketball World Cup, left the handsome position after being criticized by the fans, 'dismissed from class' and refuted by the Basketball Association. Du Feng, who was defeated by him in the direct competition in the past, took his place.

On the evening of the 31st, the Chinese Basketball Association officially announced that Du Feng succeeded Li Nan as the national team coach. In this regard, the two young coaches who competed for the national team coach of the Chinese men's basketball team in the dual track system took over the coach of the national team coach of the Chinese men's basketball team. Therefore, a familiar question resounded through my ears again. Li Nan can't do it. Can Du Feng do it?

China Basketball Association official announced that Li Nan stepped down as the national team coach and Du Feng took over.

But before discussing 'yes or no', the first thing to be clear is the judgment criteria. Taste Du Feng and Li Nan's' reversal of risk assessment 'in the past few years, and you will understand the significance of discussing this issue.

Time goes back to two and a half years ago, that is, at the end of April 2017, red and blue team coaches Li Nan and Du Feng took office respectively, bringing their own 'half' national team. At that time, Du Feng was obviously a more 'line' than Li Nan. At that time, although he did not have the title of 'champion coach', Du Feng, who led the Guangdong team to return to the CBA finals after four years in the 2016-2017 season, was also considered to be the candidate for the national team coach who was far better than Li Nan.

At that time, Li Nan had no CBA team coaching experience, and the only few times he led the national team were miserable.

But a year and a half later, that is, at the end of September 2018, Du Feng was obviously 'no'. At the 2017 Asian Cup, the Chinese men's basketball team led by Du Feng failed, and only defeated two weak teams, Hong Kong and Jordan, in the world preliminaries. At that time, criticism and accusations such as "cronyism" and "only whistling" were heard. Du Feng even shouted to the team members directly in public during training: 'go online and see how many people scold you and how many people scold me!'

That was also when Li Nan had actually won the position of national team coach. At that time, Li Nan was' OK '. His final election can be said to be popular -- he conquered the strong enemy South Korea in the world preliminaries, won a complete victory in Jakarta and regained the lost Asian Games champion for eight years. At that time, the reputation and prestige of 'leader Li' reached the peak.

So in the competition with Li Nan's national team coach, Du Feng lost without suspense.

Today, Li Nan's class is over and he is' happy and popular '; Du Feng took office and was praised as "having the courage to take responsibility".

In just over two years, Du Feng went from 'OK' to 'no' and then to 'OK', and Li Nan went from 'no' to 'OK' and then to 'no'. Du Feng is still that Du Feng, and Li Nan is also that Li Nan. The ups and downs of public opinion depend on the outcome. From top to bottom, the evaluation system is the same.

However, for new coach Du Feng, it is obviously unreasonable to evaluate his next work by victory or defeat. After Du Feng took office, he was directly faced with the task of losing the Olympic Games next year, and the promotion quota was never prepared for Asian teams in the field where strong European and American teams gathered. It can be said that it is very likely that Du Feng's team will also end in disappointment.

In this context, whether Du Feng can reverse the spirit of the team in a short time and play a satisfactory competitive level in the game is the more realistic investigation standard.

According to the announcement of the Basketball Association, after Du Feng took over, 'the team's recent preparation task is to lose the Olympic Games next year, but more focus on the 2023 World Cup and 2024 Olympic Games, and even the longer-term future.' This may be interpreted as that the basketball association has long been aware of this and has set its sights on the further future. Therefore, in addition to trying to bring miracles to the defeated Olympic Games, Du Feng's task is to cultivate new people and focus on the future.

This is the most outstanding ability of Du Feng during the period of the red and blue team. When the main force of the blue team was constantly injured, Du Feng 'pulled out Wu Qian, promoted Yu Dehao, and trained Hu Mingxuan in the club. His strict coaching style and the ability to shape the team shown in the CBA League last season are also suitable for this' turbulent 'Chinese men's basketball team.

In addition, to some extent, Li Nan and Du Feng are one, both of which are the products of the new coach selection mechanism. After Li Nan lost his trust, choosing Du Feng is undoubtedly the greatest persistence in the previous coach selection. This may also be the careful thinking of the basketball association under the background of 'chairman Yao' leading reform. Therefore, if Li Nan must go, Du Feng seems to be the most suitable choice in all aspects.

Having said that, for Du Feng, who became the head coach of the national team Zhengyin for the first time, everything is unknown.

In addition, he will also be the coach of the Guangdong team and the national team. The double pressure brought by the club and the national team will not be easy. But such a 'Part-time coach' is not without precedent in the history of Chinese Basketball - Yunus was the head coach of the Chinese men's basketball team and the Greek Olympiacos team in 2005, but Yunus obviously did not have such great pressure at that time.

On the other hand, Li Nan, who has been silent, also spoke for the first time after leaving office: 'I sincerely say sorry to all those who have been disappointed and sad for the Chinese men's basketball team. As the head coach, I must bear the main responsibility for failing to achieve the expected goal. "

Obviously, most people didn't expect to leave so lonely a year and a half ago. However, as Du Feng once said before: the trough of the Chinese men's basketball team is not the responsibility of one or two people.

Therefore, if Chinese basketball wants to get out of the trough, naturally we can't rely on the efforts of one or two people. Moreover, Li Nan received no less support than Du Feng a year and a half ago. But with Li Nan's lesson, you might as well put your mind flat and show more patience.

After all, compared with the success and failure of "one city, one place", Chinese basketball should change its thinking and focus on the further future.