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What movies are on in November? November 24 film viewing Guide

At the end of the year, there is not much time left for 2019. There will still be many good-looking films to be released in the last two months of 19 years. So what surprises will the upcoming November film industry bring us? This article brings you a movie guide for November. Let's take a look at the 24 movies that will be released in November.

1. Son of the weather (2019) tianyuzi 114 minutes - Animation / plot / Fantasy - released in China on November 1, 2019 - 2D

With the background of the chaotic era of weather change, the animated weather son tells the story of teenagers and girls manipulated by fate and their own 'choice' way of life: high school student Morishima Fangao runs away from home to Tokyo. He will meet a girl with incredible power, Amano Yangcai - she can make the weather clear through prayer.

2. Have you in your life (2019) miss forever youth / love - released in China on November 1, 2019 - 2D

Ou Yang, an architecture student at the top university 'Shuimu University' (Tsinghua University), after entering the University as a city champion, also lost his goal and quickly degenerated into a long-lived 'Shuimu worm'. Seeing that he was about to graduate, Ouyang met Fang Yao, a freshman girl, and his quiet life ended. Ouyang fell in love with Fang Yao at first sight. In order to pursue Fang Yao, he even took his roommates to form a band, determined to become a campus singer and embarked on the road of music in ignorance. From chasing girls with guitar to falling in love with music, to finding music dreams. Under the influence of Fang Yao, Ouyang tried to transform step by step and finally won Fang Yao's favor. When Ouyang rushed to the other side of love and dream without hesitation, Fang Yao's ex boyfriend's sudden return broke all Ouyang's plans in an instant. At this time, Fang Yao also fell into the painful tangle of love and dream & hellip& hellip;

3. Liuyutian (2019) summer of Changsha 120 minutes - crime - released in China on November 1, 2019 - 2D

The film "six desires days" mainly tells the story of love and crime caused by different people and things in the process of a police investigation, including both betrayal between men and women and redemption for love. The meaning of the film is profound. Every lonely soul has an unknown dark side in his heart. All kinds of people have their own desires and greed. The love and hate entanglement between the characters and how to redeem them are the deepest and most direct torture of human nature and soul in the film. The theme of the film reveals to us that human life is like a fog. In the hard to reach fog center, there are all kinds of unspeakable darkness. The center of darkness is interlinked with the human heart. Only by seeing through this darkness can we reach the other side of the soul and see unlimited light. From heaven to earth, from cruel desire to gray heart, we have unspeakable love and hate, unavoidable crime and punishment.

4. Cross domain rebirth (2018) edge of fear 90 minutes - Thriller - released in China on November 1, 2019 - 2D

American stockbroker Mike was treated for a heart attack during his business trip in China. In return for saving lives, he invited the Chinese doctor and his wife to the United States for vacation. Unexpectedly, a group of desperate robbers broke into the villa and all their lives were at stake.

5. Firecracker 2: bugs are hard to mess with (2019) you don & rsquo; T messes with little bugs 82 minutes - Animation / science fiction / Comedy - released in China on November 2, 2019 - 2D

Firefly 'lamp' and its insect partners form a special action team called 'firefly Raiders' to help insect friends in danger. At the same time, a spaceship came from an alien, but there was great danger on the spaceship.

6. Terminator: dark fate (2019) Terminator: dark fate action / adventure / science fiction - released in China in November 2019

The long-awaited classic sci-fi film IP terminator has officially returned to the world! This film is not only by the famous science fiction film master James & middot; Supervised by Cameron and directed by Tim & middot; Directed by Miller (his masterpiece the dead man), Arnold & middot; Schwarzenegger will also join hands with the original 'Sarah & middot; Connor 'Linda & middot; Hamilton is back! In addition to having a golden lineup, this film is a direct continuation of Terminator 2: Judgment Day in terms of plot. I believe this new Terminator: dark destiny will bring more 'man-machine war' surprises to audiences all over the world, and a science fiction frenzy is coming! The film will be released in North America on November 1, 2019.

7. Decisive battle midway (2019) midway action / plot / History - released in the United States on November 8, 2019

The film is truly adapted from the battle of midway in June 1942, the turning point of the Pacific War during World War II. It tells an epic story of soldiers and pilots turning the tide and changing the war process. The battle of Midway was an important battle in World War II. The US Pacific Fleet vs the Japanese Imperial Navy. The main battle of the naval battle broke out in the northwest sea area of midway on June 4, 1942, and the subsequent battle lasted until June 7.

The midway naval battle was a turning point in the Pacific War. With the victory of this battle, the US military reversed its passivity since the war and restored the balance of sea power between the United States and Japan in the Western Pacific. The Japanese Navy lost its strategic dominance since the war, and then fell into a war of attrition with the allies in the southwest Pacific, gradually declining in the war.

8. Beneficiary (2019) my dear liar plot / Comedy / love - released in China on November 8, 2019 - 2D

In order to treat his 6-year-old son suffering from asthma, Wu Hai (Dapeng), encouraged by his friend Zhong Zhenjiang (Zhang Zixian), deliberately met an online female anchor Miaomiao (Liu Yan), who was also on the edge and at the bottom of the network, and was determined to brewing a marriage fraud with ulterior motives & hellip& hellip; (China fashion website)

9. Pet Alliance (2019) pets United 91 minutes - Animation - released in China on November 8, 2019 - 2D

The pet alliance tells the story of the stray dog Roger and the abandoned robot Bob leading the abandoned pets to defeat the future city ruler Frank stone, who tried to replace human beings with robots, and restore the peace of the future city. In this hilarious but thrilling journey, the originally selfish, proud, willful and cowardly pets also slowly found their true self, became brave, United, helped each other and realized their self-worth. The two losers, Roger the stray dog and Bob, who was originally abandoned as waste, also gradually began to face life again in the confrontation with real life.

10. At last Comedy - released in China on November 8, 2019 - 2D

The film tells the story of a middle-aged couple Wang Ye (Zhang Jiayi) and Tan Yawen (Yan Ni) who have been married for five years. In order to bridge their feelings, they decide to have a son. After multiple consultations, he finally came to Australia's Gold Coast in the southern hemisphere to prepare for a pregnancy trip of only three days a month. After arriving at the hotel, they were busy and disorderly. They were accidentally involved in the theft of a famous painting, which made it even more difficult for the couple to 'seek a son'.

11. My boxing champion boyfriend (2019) chasing dream118 minutes - Love - released in China on November 8, 2019 - 2D

Lu Hu, the champion of Huajie boxing, and Du Xiaojuan, a dream singer, met by chance because of a boxing match. One ignorant and the other impulsive, they became a happy enemy by chance. Although the situation is constantly changing, the spark of love is still quietly born in their respective dream pursuit journey. But in the seemingly sweet journey, there are greater challenges waiting for the flower street men and women... This film tells about a young man and woman who meet again due to debt problems and establish a special creditor creditor creditor relationship. The man also finds that the woman has singing talent and helps her develop her singing career. During this period, the man also works hard for his dream of becoming a boxing champion. Men and women have the same mind and fight for their dreams. Even if they burn their lives, they have no regrets in this life.

12. They will not grow old (2018) 99 minutes - Documentary / history / War - released in China on November 11, 2019 - 3D / China screen

"They are no longer getting old" is produced by Warner Bros. and Oscar winning director Peter & middot; War documentary directed by Jackson (the Lord of the rings trilogy, the Hobbit Trilogy). The film focuses on the daily life of World War I soldiers from 1914 to 1918. Most of the historical materials in the film were made public for the first time. The production team applied the most advanced repair, coloring and 3D technologies to restore the images a hundred years ago in full color and re add sound effects. With the oral history of British veterans as the narrator, it restored the experiences and feelings of soldiers in World War I, presenting the audience with an immersive and extremely real immersive war experience.

13. Chang'an Road (2019) hunt down plot / crime / suspense - released in China on November 15, 2019 - 2D

In order to solve a large national treasure theft case, Zhao Hongyu (Jiao Junyan), a criminal police officer, went undercover under the cover of his partner Shao Kuancheng (Song Yang) in order to investigate the current wife Lin Baiyu (Chen Shu) of his biological father Wan Zhenggang (Fan Wei). Just when the case came to light, these national treasures disappeared under the close monitoring of the police, and Lin Baiyu suddenly disappeared & hellip& hellip; (China fashion website)

Wan Zhenggang, a professor of history, was suspected by the police. As a daughter, Zhao Hongyu was determined to find her father to inquire about the truth, but unexpectedly fell into a greater crisis. Is it the tragedy caused by the opposition between husband and wife? Or was it a sudden attack when father and daughter cleared up their grievances? Under Shao Kuancheng's investigation, with the truth emerging, it is a real game about human nature & hellip& hellip;

14. Cute pet secret service (2018) marnies welt92 minutes - Animation / family / Adventure - released in China on November 15, 2019

Burglaries occurred frequently in the town. A cat who dreamed of becoming a big detective decided to run away from home in order to find out the real murderer. During the journey, she met a cock who thought she was graceful, a donkey who dreamed of becoming a circus star, and a gatekeeper who hated human beings. After running in, the four small animals were about to find out the real murderer, but they were mistaken for the real murderer of theft. How should they prove their innocence and protect their friendship and dreams & hellip;

15. Inception team (2018) Ruben Brandt, collector 96 minutes - Animation / plot / crime - released in China on November 15, 2019 - 2D

The special attack team tells a mysterious and exciting story. A psychotherapist named Reuben is always disturbed by 'demonized' famous paintings in his dreams. The only way to get a good sleep is to steal all the famous paintings invading his dream. In order to help Reuben escape from his nightmare, he teamed up with four patients with unique skills to steal art galleries such as the Louvre and Tate Modern Art Museum.

16. About winter (2019) somewhere winter love / plot - released in China on November 15, 2019 - 2D

It tells the story of two generations of a young girl growing up in Los Angeles, Xiaonian and her mother Enron: Xiaonian had a close relationship with her father, but her father died at the age of 17. In the process of living with her mother, Xiaonian believes that her mother is a person who is deeply estranged from the world and does not love herself and her father. The turning point of the story happened when her mother took Xiaonian back to her hometown of Beijing, so that Xiaonian found another side of her mother and revealed the growth experience and emotional story of two generations.

17. Shake Shanyao (2019) 92 minutes - plot - released in China on November 15, 2019 - 2D

The story takes place in