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Xu Jiayin won the 2019 list of Hurun real estate entrepreneurs, the richest man in real estate

Xu Jiayin won the 2019 list of Hurun real estate entrepreneurs, the richest man in real estate

Hurun Research Institute released the list of 2019 Sweden group Hurun real estate entrepreneurs (hereinafter referred to as the list of real estate entrepreneurs). It shows that Xu Jiayin, 61, of Evergrande, has been the richest man in real estate. The total wealth of the top 50 real estate entrepreneurs exceeds 1.5 trillion yuan, with an average wealth of 31.1 billion yuan, almost reaching the highest value in history two years ago.

The average wealth of the top 10 is 78 billion, and the wealth of the current and former richest man decreases

According to the list of real estate entrepreneurs, the top ten real estate entrepreneurs are Xu Jiayin (170 billion yuan), Yang Huiyan family (160 billion yuan), Wu Yajun family (70 billion yuan), Xu Rongmao family (68 billion yuan), sun Hongbin (63.5 billion yuan), Wang Jianlin family (60 billion yuan), Li Hua (56 billion yuan), Chen Lihua (51 billion yuan), Ji Haipeng family (43 billion yuan) and Cai Kui family (38 billion yuan). The average wealth of the top ten real estate entrepreneurs was 78 billion yuan, an increase of 8% over last year.

It is worth noting that the real estate wealth of two of the top ten real estate entrepreneurs has decreased. First, Evergrande xujiayin's real estate wealth decreased by 21%; The other is the Wang Jianlin family, whose real estate wealth has decreased by 8%, and its wealth ranking has also decreased compared with last year. The two are the current richest man (2017-2019) and the former richest man (2012-2016).

In addition, two of the top ten real estate entrepreneurs are the new top ten this year, namely Ji Haipeng family and Cai Kui family. Hurun Research Institute pointed out that the Ji Haipeng family ranked among the top 10 with a wealth of 43 billion yuan this year, with a 32% increase in wealth. Longguang real estate is deeply cultivated and distributed in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District, especially in Shenzhen. It has significant advantages in land reserve value and has become the direct beneficiary of policy dividends.

Five newcomers were on the list, and Xinguang Zhou Xiaoguang and his wife lost the list

According to the list of real estate entrepreneurs, five new entrants this year are Lin Hongxiu family (21 billion yuan), cen Zhaoxiong and Li Yiping couple (14 billion yuan), Guo Ziwen (14 billion yuan), pan Sutong (12 billion yuan) and Xu Jiankang family (12 billion yuan). Among them, cen Zhaoxiong and Li Yiping of the times ranked 39th with a wealth of 14 billion yuan. According to Hurun Research Institute, times real estate has been deeply cultivated in the Pearl River Delta and gradually distributed other regions with high growth potential in China. Its business covers residential development, industrial and commercial development and operation, as well as long-term rental apartments.

Some people are new to the list, and naturally others fall. According to the list of real estate entrepreneurs, the financing environment of real estate enterprises has been tightened, and small real estate enterprises have been relatively impacted. For example, the debt crisis of Zhou Xiaoguang and Yu Yunxin broke out and they have applied for bankruptcy and reorganization. Ji Changqun from Jiangsu Fengsheng was also listed because of the enterprise crisis caused by the group's debt default. Shen Tianqing of Jiayuan was questioned by the market and shorted by institutions, resulting in the decline of share price because of multiple pledge of equity and over 80% of the enterprise's debt ratio. Yan Zhi's zhuo'er is the main business transformation, and there is almost no source of income from real estate development.

The location of the headquarters likes Guangdong or Beijing most, and Guangdong businessmen are the most

According to the list of real estate entrepreneurs, Guangdong and Beijing are still the favorite locations for the headquarters of real estate enterprises. Specifically, 21 enterprises are headquartered in Guangdong, 10 enterprises are headquartered in Beijing, 9 enterprises are in Shanghai, and the rest are scattered in 7 places such as Fujian, Hebei, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

From the birthplace of entrepreneurs on the list, the number of Guangdong businessmen still ranks first, as many as 20; The number of Fujian businessmen still ranks second, with a total of 7; Due to the addition of two people on the list, the number of Soviet businessmen jumped to the third, with a total of 5; Other real estate entrepreneurs on the list come from 11 places such as Chongqing and Sichuan.

The list of real estate entrepreneurs also shows that Jinhui Lin Dingqiang family and Xuhui Linzhong family are the dark horses of the year. The former ranked 22nd with a wealth of 21.5 billion yuan, jumping to 19th, with a wealth increase of 48% over last year. The latter's wealth rose 27%, ranking 24th with 21 billion yuan. In addition, Evergrande, country garden and Longhu ranked among the top 3 companies with market values of 213 billion yuan, 205 billion yuan and 163 billion yuan respectively.