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Zhang Ting, Tao Hong, Lin Zhiling, the same immortal, looks too bright

Zhang Ting, Tao Hong, Lin Zhiling, the same immortal, looks too bright

When Zhang Ting, 49, participated in the fifth anniversary of his own products, his partner Xiao Tao Hong also appeared at the activity site, dressed in solid color clothes, showing an amazing temperament, completely free of the defects of middle-aged women. In this event, as a brand spokesman, Lin Zhiling's dress is also super temperament. Although the three people are no longer in puberty, they seem to be only 18 years old in terms of clothing and temperament.

When attending formal activities, wearing skirts is more classic

Wearing a skirt can reflect a woman's different temperament and image. When going to the event, a decent skirt will make the goddess's aura become great.

Entering the middle-aged stage, little Tao Hong began to gain weight slowly. As a slightly fat woman, when wearing a skirt, you should choose a loose type, which can cover up too much meat on your body. The design of V-neck looks thin, which can better set off the beauty of your face. The design of adding ribbons at the waist can give people a slim visual effect at the waist. The personality bag added on one side of the belt can also form an illusion of thin waist visually. At ordinary times, if you feel fat at the waist, you can choose to add the splicing type at the waist, which can better reflect the slender waist. If you add a belt, a thinner belt or irregular shape, it is more suitable for slightly fat girls to choose.

Lin Zhiling, 44, is a perfect goddess. She has a good figure, so she looks particularly good in her dress. The decoration of broken flowers on clothes is not only the style of a little woman, but also a fashion element for reducing age. This three-dimensional broken flower style is a noble and elegant shape. The irregular mesh design at the skirt and the inner side of the inner side form a distinct visual effect. With the belt with reflective effect on the waist, it is the temperament of the perfect goddess.

Zhang Ting's dress is very flirtatious this time. At 49, she still retains her skin in her early 20s. The red shirt dress matches her temperament very well. The style of small lapel is more youthful and energetic. It is also a design element for reducing age. The shirt is very formal, a feeling of commuting will show, with the style of urban women. The belt design of the bandage makes her waist look slimmer, and the design elements of the bandage and the style of classical chivalrous women not only increase the fashion effect, but also have the feeling of being capable and bold. The lace shape is adopted in the sleeve design, which changes the traditional design concept and adds the style of a little woman. The skirt of the medium and long section looks tall. The pleats and splicing added to the skirt make the clothes look more three-dimensional and fashionable.

When attending the event, a good-looking hairstyle can better improve a person's aura. Zhang Ting made his hair into the type of ball head. Such hairstyle can make people tall and youthful. If we don't know what kind of hairstyle to keep at ordinary times, we can try this higher ball head, which will show our temperament.