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Introduction to Fang Shouchun's personal data

Introduction to Fang Shouchun's personal data

On October 29, according to the people's daily, Fang Shouchun, the last female military doctor of the Chinese army in India, died. Fang Shouchun once worked as a military nurse and experienced the battle in Wuhan and Changsha. In 1941, Fang Shouchun joined the Chinese expeditionary army and killed three Japanese spies on the battlefield. General Stilwell, commander in chief of the Chinese expeditionary army, conferred the rank of lieutenant Fang Shouchun. In 1992, Fang Shouchun settled in New York with his daughter. On October 21, 2019, Fang Shouchun died in New York at the age of 98.

In November 1937, 17-year-old Fang Shouchun joined the 157 rear hospital of the Anti Japanese army and received practical training and internship in battlefield rescue.

In 1942, the new 38th division of the Chinese expeditionary army and other troops broke through from Myanmar and withdrew to India, which was reorganized into the Chinese army in India. When the PLA stationed in India was recruiting recruits in Kunming, Fang Shouchun said to the recruiting officer, "I want to join the PLA stationed in India." We are going to war, as long as men, not women. " Said the officer. Fang Shouchun retorted: 'half of China's 40000 compatriots are women. Men can go to the battlefield and women can go too! Since ancient times, there have been women who can't beat men! " The officer was moved, but said he would ask for instructions. Soon, Fang Shouchun was told: "the chief agreed that you and four other female soldiers should join the army in India!" When she boarded the transport plane to India, Fang Shouchun knew that it was specially approved that she and her female partners Zhang kejing, Qiu runlan, Liu Bin and Zhu Anna could join the army in India.

On August 21, 1943, dialect (Fang Shouchun) was awarded as a second-class assistant military doctor (Note: equivalent to a lieutenant), with the signature 'commander in chief Stilwell'. Fang Shouchun has always kept this "commander in chief instruction in India" awarded with military rank.

In the first half of 1945, with the victory of the Anti Japanese War imminent, Fang Shouchun met the American doctor Kang Wei in a hospital in Chengdu. When the Anti Japanese war was won, Kangwei proposed to Fang Shouchun, and Fang Shouchun agreed. In January 1946, they held a simple wedding in Shanghai. After that, Conway will take Fang Shouchun to the United States. Fang Shouchun's ideological struggle is very fierce. That year, her father had just died, leaving her a minor brother, and her grandmother was a small footed woman who could not work. Fang Shouchun said, 'I can't go.' She will stay to raise her brother and look after the old man. In this way, Fang Shouchun went to Changsha to live with his grandmother and gave birth to his daughter Fang Lili in October of the same year. Conway heard that he had sent some money and goods from the United States. Since then, when the Kuomintang retreated to Taiwan and the Korean War broke out, Kang Wei, who was far away in the United States, could not contact Fang Shouchun, so he took another wife and gave birth to a daughter called Kang Shilin. Fang Shouchun worked in the Infirmary of Changsha sheet factory and never remarried.

Until China's reform and opening up, American enterprises came to China to invest. Conway asked Kang Shilin to go to China to find Fang Shouchun and his half sister Fang Lili. In 1979, Kang Shilin, who took office as the director of the Three Gorges luxury cruise ship, a Sino US joint venture tourism company, finally found out the address of Fang Shouchun's mother and daughter in Changsha and met Fang Lili.

In 1982, Kang Shilin took Fang Lili to study in the United States. Ten years later, Fang Lili had his own company in the United States. She took her mother to New York to settle down.