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Various encirclement methods of women's silk scarves! How do I tie a silk scarf

How do I tie a silk scarf? Women's scarves are the most common decorations. They can not only play a decorative role, show women's elegant temperament, but also keep warm. So do you know how to tie a lady's scarf? Let's have a look

Various methods of encircling women's scarves

1、 Clever collocation

1: The silk scarf tied a simple flat knot around the neck.

2: Fold the upper layer of silk scarf from bottom to top until it reaches the neck. Temporarily fix the middle part by hand.

3: Thread the lower layer of silk scarf from bottom to top and fix it in the correct position. Make the middle of the upper layer of silk scarf tightly wrapped by the lower layer.

4: In this way, wrap the lower layer twice, reinforce it, leave a length consistent with that in the picture, and sort out the silk scarf edge of the upper layer.

2、 Simple color spirit in the workplace

1: Grasp the corner of the short side of the long towel and fold one side into an organ fold.

2: Tie a knot in the top half of the organ fold.

3: Place the knotted side over the shoulder.

4: After wrapping the other side around the neck, thread the remaining corner of the silk scarf into the knot and pull it out, and tidy it up.

3、 Elegant charm of business occasions

1: Tie the silk scarf around your neck, and both sides naturally fall below your neck.

2: Then tie a scarf around your neck.

3: Align the ends of the scarf and hold it.

4: Insert the twisted sides into the knot under the neck and wear them out.

5: When finishing, pay attention to the same length on both sides, and make sure that the middle part should be fluffy and natural.

4、 Vibrant office look

1: The scarf is folded into a triangle and wrapped around the neck.

2: Tie a knot on one side of the neck.

3: Put the upper part of both ends of the silk scarf into the knot.

4: Put the lower parts of the two ends of the silk scarf into the knot, and sort out the pulled out silk scarf.

5、 Typical collocation of business and leisure

1: Hold the silk scarf and fold it into the organ fold in the picture.

2: Put the folded silk scarf on the neck, wrap it around the chest, close both ends of the head together, fix it with rubber band, and then arrange it into a flower shape.

6、 Star model in social occasions

1: Fold both sides of the silk scarf in half, leaving a part in the middle.

2: Fold the folded silk scarf from bottom to top.

3: Wrap the silk scarf with folded organ pleats around the neck, merge the two ends, and then fix it with rubber band, which is well arranged.

7、 An elegant lady at a party

1: Fold the scarves irregularly in half, exposing four sharp corners on the edge.

2: Wrap the silk scarf around the shoulder from the right, put the corners on the left shoulder, pull part of the corners on both sides near the neck, and insert the two corners into the silk scarf thread.

3: Organize the two corners worn from the silk scarf buckle to form a textured decoration.

8、 A beautiful lady in a relaxed gathering

1: The scarf is folded into a triangle.

2: Fold into an organ fold along one of the long sides of the triangle.

3: Tie the upper part of the organ fold with a silk scarf buckle and sort it out slightly.

4: Put the part with silk scarf thread on one side of the shoulder, and then put the other end through the silk scarf thread and pull it out, which is well arranged.

9、 Silk scarves can also be very handsome

1: Fold the silk scarf in half into a big triangle. The two ends of the equilateral are on the.

2: Fold up one corner of the triangle.

3: Fold the silk scarf in half again to form a strip of about 10cm.

4: Put the silk scarf on your chest and fold it from bottom to top on the left.

5: Turn the silk scarf folded to the rear back to the front. Form a hole into your finger.

6: Put one end of the silk scarf back out of the hole to form an inverted triangular loose knot.

7: Put the scarf on the right into the knot on the left, place it below, and then tidy it up.