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Which countries in the world celebrate Dragon Boat Festival? What are the customs of Dragon Boat Fes

With the charm of Chinese culture increasingly penetrating into the world, the ancient dragon boat festival has gradually entered the sight of all countries in the world. Dragon boat racing is very popular and popular in the west, and some countries, although they do not enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival, are also fond of eating zongzi. Asian countries have different customs of Dragon Boat Festival. Over the years, under the influence of Chinese culture, many countries in Asia have also celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival. However, due to the changes of history and cultural heritage in different regions, the activities held in different places during the Dragon Boat Festival are not all the same.

The Republic of Korea

The Dragon Boat Festival in South Korea is rich and colorful, which usually lasts for more than 20 days. During the Dragon Boat Festival, there will be masquerade dance drama, throwing pot, wrestling, swing, Taekwondo match, college football match and other activities, which are of great local characteristics in South Korea. "Dragon Boat Festival in Jiangling" is a large-scale folk custom activity in which the citizens of Jiangling City pray for a good harvest and health, and it is also a typical representative of the Dragon Boat Festival in Korea. According to Korean scholars, the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival in Jiangling can be traced back to more than 1000 years ago.


Japan's Dragon Boat Festival was introduced from China after its peaceful era. The main activity of the Japanese Dragon Boat Festival is to eat zongzi and cypress leaf cake and drink calamus wine to avoid evil spirits. In Japanese, 'calamus' and' Warrior 'are homophonic, so Dragon Boat Festival has gradually become a boy's festival. In order to make the boys grow up healthily and have a successful career in the future, people set up carp flags and put on warrior idols, armour and war hats at the door of their homes, which means that they are looking forward to success.


Chinese Singaporeans all know about Dragon Boat Festival. When Dragon Boat Festival comes on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, people will never forget to eat zongzi and race dragon boats. Before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, Singapore's East Coast Park will hold a wonderful Dragon Boat Invitational Competition, where dragon boat teams from all over the world gather to compete.


Vietnam also celebrated the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of may in the lunar calendar. Their main contents are eating zongzi and dispelling insects during the Dragon Boat Festival. Parents will prepare many fruits for their children and wear auspicious symbols woven with colorful threads. Adults will drink realgar wine and paint realgar wine on their children to repel insects. In addition, Vietnamese believe that eating zongzi can bring good weather and good harvest.

As more and more people are conquered by the charm of Chinese culture, although some western countries are not able to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, they also begin to 'embrace' the symbolic program of the Dragon Boat Festival - Dragon Boat race. This interesting sport is even very popular in some countries!


Probably from the 1980s, through participating in dragon boat races held in China and other places, Americans gradually learned about this activity. Today, Chinese traditional sports dragon boat race has quietly penetrated into the sports habits of some Americans, and become one of the fastest-growing popular sports and entertainment projects in the United States.


The dragon boat race has been taking root in Germany for 20 years. In 1989, Dragon Boat activities were introduced into Germany and the first "Dragon Boat Festival" was held in Hamburg. After 1991, the dragon boat race was held in Frankfurt, the financial center of Germany, and has been continued to this day.