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Howard made 8 of 8 shots, and Howard returned to the Lakers with a very serious attitude

Howard made 8 of 8 shots, and Howard returned to the Lakers with a very serious attitude

On October 28, Beijing time, the NBA regular season continued its fierce battle, in which the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Charlotte Hornets 120-101 at home and won two consecutive victories. In the past, the Lakers abandoned Howard with 8-for-8 shooting, blowing down 16 points, 10 rebounds and 4 blocks, which won the hearts of Lakers fans again. Especially at the end of the quarter, his continuous hot pot feast not only locked the Lakers in the victory, but also 'Warcraft' shook his fingers excitedly.

After the Vagrancy of rockets, eagles, wizards and Hornets, Howard, whose data has declined in an all-round way, has obviously matured a lot. Returning to the Lakers this season, 'Warcraft' takes the game very seriously.

Although he served as a substitute for the team, although he had only six shots in the first two games and only got five points, as long as he played, he must be the most active player of the Lakers.

Facing the Hornets he once played for, Howard only played for 9 minutes in the first half. In addition to continuing to protect the rebounds and grabbing 6 rebounds, he also became the most efficient player in the first half of the Lakers on the offensive side.

On one offensive end, Howard turned back and ran continuously. Finally, his continuous interludes won open space opportunities. GreenHigh threw the ball and 'Warcraft' jumped up and buckled the back to score. In 9 minutes, Howard won the opportunity with this tireless interspersed movement. He made 4 shots and contributed 8 points. He is the most efficient player in the first two quarters of the Lakers.

Howard is the key to the Lakers' victory over the Hornets in this game. From the second half of the third quarter to the beginning of the fourth quarter, Howard continued his 100% shooting rate. He made four shots, including a landmark score in the peak period - hook hitting after continuous turning.

In addition to scoring 16 points in 8-for-8 at the offensive end, Howard also sent four blocks. In particular, in the fourth quarter, he sent out three caps and once pushed the ball out of bounds, and 'Warcraft' shook his fingers in the Staples Center.

Howard's efficient performance at both ends of the attack and defense not only won the warm applause of the Lakers' home fans, but also let James, the core of the team, take the initiative to celebrate with him. Most importantly, Howard and James jointly played a 11-2 climax at the beginning of the last quarter, instantly expanding the difference to more than 15 points, directly locking in the victory of the whole game.

Howard made 8 of 8 shots, scored 16 points, grabbed 10 rebounds and blocked four times. He is the player with the highest efficiency of the Lakers and an important contributor to the Lakers' two consecutive wins.

Of course, in addition to Howard, McGee, another blue collar player of the team, also had a stable output. He made 5 of 8 shots in 16 minutes, contributed 10 points and grabbed 4 rebounds.