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What processor is Xiaolong 855 equivalent to apple? Xiaolong 855 can't even beat A12

What processor is Xiaolong 855 equivalent to apple? Xiaolong 855 can't even beat A12

Qualcomm officially released the latest generation processor Qualcomm snapdragon 855 in Hawaii. As a powerful processor in the flagship camp of Android next year, we might as well compare it with Apple's A12 processor this year.

Firstly, the two processors adopt the current advanced seven nanometer technology in the process technology. The A12 processor still adopts two high-performance cores and two high-performance cores in the CPU structure. In addition, the free distribution of large and small cores plays a better role in adjusting the mobile phone in different scenarios.

When the A12 was released this time, although the official only claimed that the performance had improved by 15% compared with the previous generation, a professional evaluation organization found that the A12 had the same performance as a11 when turning on the low-power mode, which showed that it was quite powerful. In addition, A12 had a huge improvement in graphics processing this time, which showed how powerful it was.

The Xiaolong 855 adopts the 1 + 3 + 4 mode in structure, which is composed of a high-frequency super large core, three large cores and four efficiency small cores. This time, the Xiaolong 855 has been deeply optimized for CPU, GPU and DSP. In particular, the AI computing power can reach an amazing 7 trillion times. You know, Apple's A12 this year can only reach 5 trillion times.

If this year's Android flagship is used, it will have a good improvement in both camera and system learning. At present, although the first model of Xiaolong 855 is not known for the time being, the relevant running score data are released. The running score of Xiaolong 855 is about 340000, which can be seen that there is still some gap compared with the 350000 score of A12.

However, through the G4 running score test, we can also further subdivide the difference between the two. Xiaolong 855 has a single core score of about 3500 points, while its multi-core capability has exceeded 10000. Despite the blessing of a super core, it is still no better than the 4800 points of A12 single core. However, in terms of multi-core performance, Qualcomm has finally narrowed the gap with apple.