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Fei Yuqing sang our song before sealing wheat. Why did Fei Yuqing seal wheat

Fei Yuqing sang our song before sealing wheat. Why did Fei Yuqing seal wheat

The first domestic intergenerational tidal wave competition variety created by Oriental satellite TV - daily fresh language "voice of Chinese dream & middot; our song" will premiere at 21:00 p.m. on October 27. Fei Yuqing, Ren Xianqi, Li Keqin, Luo Qi, Xu Weizhou, Liu Yuning, Zhou Shen and Wang Linkai were all present. In the first program, model singers and new singers will choose their favorite partners through blind chorus. In order to guess the identity of each other, the two generations of singers tried their best to hide their identity by imitation, performance skills and voice change. Fei Yuqing also announced on the spot that our song is the last variety show before he closed the wheat. As his last work, he will do his best in the program.

Ren Xianqi 'pretends' to be a female singer, hides her identity, and Fei Yuqing's' duanzishou' reappears in the Jianghu

Being able to sing the golden song of the times and re adapt it makes the golden song glow with new vitality. Both model singers and new singers are eager to try it. Before that, however, they had to go through a strict blind selection to choose a chorus partner. In particular, model singers should not only decide whether to send an invitation for cooperation according to the self introduction and talent display of new singers, but also hide their identity and set suspense for new singers.

In order to try different styles on the stage of Golden Melody adaptation, Ren Xianqi targeted Wang Linkai who showed her rap skills. To this end, Ren Xianqi first 'revealed' his identity 'and' I'm also a rapper ', and also used the voice changing microphone to become a female voice, which made Wang Linkai curious who wanted to cooperate with female singers. After hearing that Wang Linkai thought he was a female singer, he immediately echoed "yes" in the tone of a female singer, so that Li Keqin, who was watching the play, could not help but help Ren Xianqi and praised Wang Linkai for "I can't see that you can see things so thoroughly when you are young, & lsquo; He & rsquo; It's a big beauty ', and they sing and make Luo Qi on one side laugh. The wonderful interaction makes people look forward to the success of Ren Xianqi and Wang Linkai.

Compared with Ren Xianqi using his voice to disguise himself, Fei Yuqing showed his "Duanzi hand" skills in the face of his favorite new singer. He not only led the model singers to compare their hearts through the light and shadow screen, but also opened the fancy rainbow fart 'this is a versatile' and 'he is a baritone, I am a treble, and our voice is quite suitable'. Seeing Ren Xianqi with the same intention, Fei Yuqing even used his killer mace to laugh at himself and said, 'you should respect the old and the virtuous', which immediately defeated Ren Xianqi and left him speechless. It is unknown whether their 'fight for people' will be staged again in the next chorus and how to win or lose.

Model singers do their best to choose the best partner, and new singers are also doing their best to find the identity clues of model singers. However, unexpectedly, the first test for new singers was to decrypt the music players of different ages. After unraveling the music clues hidden in MP3, Walkman and CD player one by one, Xu Weizhou was helpless in the face of the oldest retro recorder. Fortunately, Liu Yuning turned into a 'human flesh rewind machine', reproduced the memory of 'rewinding tape with pen', and successfully unlocked the answer in the tape. With the help of Liu Yuning, it is curious whether new singers can find out more clues about model singers.

Xu Weizhou, who had been baffled by how the tape recorder played music a moment ago, showed all his strength at the talent show. In addition to his emotional singing, a Latin dance surprised the audience again. In addition, Zhou Shen also imitated model singers to use voice changers and imitate female voices to create a sense of mystery. I don't want Zhou Shen to succeed in convincing model singers that he is a female singer by virtue of his high pitched voice. Unexpectedly, Li Keqin found the problem 'but your shadow seems to be a boy', and was exposed by his reverse routine of 'can you choose girls' singing' and broke the work in seconds. Can Zhou Shen, who failed in the routine, restore the situation with singing?

What is the final result of blind matching of two generations of singers? What classic songs will they choose to sing on the same stage? Please look forward to our song by Oriental satellite TV at 21:00 p.m. on October 27.