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How to play the game of Yunding? The team of immortal small methods is the strongest

How to play the game of Yunding? The team of immortal small methods is the strongest

How can I play the chess of Yunding? The immortal little mage has a lineup with the little mage as the core. Today, we have brought you Yunding chess. The immortal little mage lineup is recommended. I hope all players can have a good time.

Recommendation on the collocation of immortal small French lineup

The first version of Yunding chess has been studied by the majority of players. The stronger ones are mainly guard dragon, fighting gun, void kasha and wild sting. These constitute a situation of mutual restraint. The guard dragon Tianke wild stab, the giant killer's fighting gun and void kasha restrain the guard dragon. In general, the version has been developed to the extreme.

But now we pay too much attention to the score, and have forgotten the original purpose of the game: happiness. Now, not only are these more common upper points in qualifying, but also the matching has become the same. Therefore, in order to remind everyone of the happiness of the game, rather than the same way of playing. Today, I'll bring you an entertainment lineup: the immortal little law.

Lineup details

Core hero and equipment

Recommended core equipment: Technology gun, dragon tooth, green fork.

Recommended core equipment: green dragon knife, cat, dragon tooth.

Equipment order: the science and technology gun is always the first position, and the Dragon tooth and green fork look at the opponent's lineup. If there are many assassins, give the green fork first, and if there are many mages and demons, give the Dragon tooth first. Equipment gives priority to the little mage. The sun mother gives priority to the cat to turn the mage. If there is no shovel, you can give the green dragon knife.

Formation of lineup

Note: because it is a happy flow play, it is recommended to match entertainment, and it is not recommended to use it in ranking.

Lineup position

As shown in the forming lineup picture, Cesc Fabregas stands in the center of the lineup. Because it is a guard, the lineup needs to be held in a regiment, with bron himself and two knights in front. The sun mother is on the flank, and a knight is placed behind the little mage to defend. The death song is next to the little mage.

Lineup characteristics

The lineup continues the main characteristics of the guard knight, which is meat and brainless meat. While ordinary guard Knights rely entirely on anti armour to hit damage. When they encounter emptiness, they will GG. But our little mage is different. The little mage has the function of killing low stars, so the small method equipped with dragon teeth and green fork still has strong output, and 15% of the skills of the technology gun suck blood, so that one skill of the three-star small method can be directly full of blood.

And there is the control of the mage sun mother. This lineup is not the strongest, but it belongs to the most disgusting people. The happiness of this lineup lies not only in the brainless flesh of Cesc Fabregas, but also in the blood of big moves. Imagine that the void kasha is like Uzi possessed body, flying in the field. Just when the opponent thought kasha was on the show, your little mage's big move was bombed. What should the opponent's mood be like?

Lineup play

early stage

Start with a big stick. If you can't choose a big stick, a big sword and a reverse bow are good choices. Keep all Knight cards during the three monsters. After playing the three monsters, we can see what equipment is exploding, and then decide whether to sell blood. If we have a big sword and a reverse bow, we don't have to deliberately sell blood. If your face is a little dark and doesn't explode, you need to sell blood. Because the current version of the giant killer is too powerful, the reverse bow and big sword are rare.

There is no lineup to say about selling blood. What is weak is not enough to get in the way, and try not to go to kasadin (kasadin has strong combat effectiveness in the early stage). After the draft, the 4 population can no longer sell blood. It is recommended that the 4 population excessive lineup: 4 Knights (iron man, Nuo hand, Galen and Bobby). If there are no 4 knights, you can 3 nobles and 2 knights.


In 3-2 liters of 6 population, you can save 2 gold coins. 6 the probability of the emergence of the small population method is relatively large. We can go to the small law first, and then go to any Yodel to gather up 4 knights and 3 yodel. The equipment is given to Xiao FA first, but if it is suitable, it should be assembled. We can put another 2-star bloom in our hands during this period. Medium term lineup: 4 knights, 3 Yodel (iron man, Nuo hand, Bobby, Galen, little mage, any Yodel).

later stage

Among the 4-1l 7 population, the 7 population is particularly prone to purple cards due to version updates. We can d a few times in 7 population, brush out pig woman and sun mother. Then the pig woman replaced Galen, sun mother and bron, and gave up 3 yodel. During this period, our little meat mage took shape. Later lineup: 4 knights and guards (pig woman, sun mother, bron, nuozhou, iron man, Bobby and little mage). At this time, we can always d the small method 3 stars, because we mainly rely on the chopping mechanism output of the small method skills.

If we have three stars in Xiaofa and the sun mother has a cat, we can raise the population of 8 as soon as possible. 8 population final lineup: 3 mages, shadow, 4 knights and guards (MAGE sun mother, dead song, bloom, little mage, iron man, pig woman, Nuo hand and Bobby).

If we don't have a 3-star small law, the lineup strength of our 7 population is also relatively high, so we must have a D small law and a 3-star small law. If there is no cat sun mother, the role of death song is not great. We can have another sun mother and continue to stack guards.

If there is no 3-star mage, I suggest you change to a normal guard dragon in the later stage. Without three-star mages, this lineup will be abolished.