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How to get more ant energy? List of energy generation rules in ant forest

Now more and more people are involved in the activities of tree planting in Alipay ant forest. Ants forest has also added many channels to get energy, including using Alipay to take buses and subway, taking away food without tableware and so on, and accumulating corresponding energy. So what is the rule of ant forest energy generation, and what channels can generate energy? Here we have sorted out a detailed list of energy generation in ant forest, which interested users can refer to.

How do ants generate forest energy? Ant forest energy calculation rules:

Ant forest energy accumulation takes time. After the user completes the 'green energy action', the energy will be generated in 24 hours and expire in 3 days.

1. Walking

The more you walk, the more energy you have. The maximum walking energy is 296g / day.

2. Offline payment

You can get green energy if you use Alipay offline. Energy generation is 5g / pen.

3. Living expenses

Green energy can be obtained by paying water, electricity and gas bills. Energy production is 262g / pen.

Note: energy can be generated only when the single payment amount is greater than or equal to 1 yuan, and the maximum amount of energy generation is 10 times / month. The same account with the same account number can only generate energy once a month;

Different account numbers of the same account can generate energy up to 10 times a month.

4. Online ticket purchase

Buy Taobao movie tickets and performance tickets. Energy production is 180g / pen.

5. Online purchase of train tickets

Use Alipay to buy train tickets on 12306/ flying pigs. Energy production is 136g / pen.

6. Appointment registration

The maximum energy generation is 5 strokes / month. Energy production is 277g / pen.

7. Subway ticket purchase

Using Alipay scan code and Xi'an Metro App scan code (the Alipay payment) can get energy, each time you can get 52g energy, up to 5 times a day.

8. Etc payment (excluding etc recharge)

Each payment generates a green energy. Energy production is 23g / pen.

9. Electronic invoice

The maximum energy limit of electronic invoice business is 5 times / day, and the energy generation is 5g / time, that is, the user has energy generation for the first 5 electronic invoices every day. The generation time ends at 24:00 on the same day.

10. Green Office (nail)

Premise of nail energy generation:

According to the rules, users must join an organization to calculate carbon energy. Joining an organization (company or unit) takes effect 24 hours later.

The upper limit of total energy obtained by nailing is 51g / day. Including teleconference, video conference, approval and log. There will be a separate upper limit for the energy acquisition of the corresponding project.

11. Public transportation

You can get the energy by brush the Alipay riding code and pay with Alipay.

Operation path: when taking a bus, click [Payment] - select [ride code] - scan code to obtain 80g of energy per time, up to 5 times a day.

12. International tax rebate

Each time the international tax rebate is used, 4G green energy can be obtained 24 hours after the tax rebate is received, without the upper limit of energy acquisition times.

13. Green package

Customers can obtain green energy, 40g / time, up to 10 times a month, 24 hours after confirming the receipt through the merchant that supports green packages. Subsequent refunds and other behaviors do not affect the sent green energy.

Businesses that use green packages can view them through ant forest - Introduction - Green packages.

14. Sharing bicycles (currently only ofo and harrow bicycles are supported)

The premise of energy acquisition: through mobile phone Alipay - ants forest - sharing bike to access energy access (just once, without riding on every ride).

Energy acquisition conditions: riding on the shared bicycle ride entrance in Alipay APP is required, while the single ride time can not be less than 3min. That is, the entrance time of a non Alipay or the riding time of a single ride is less than 3min without energy.

Energy acquisition rules: the upper limit of energy acquisition is 54G / time and 159G / day. The specific energy obtained for each ride is subject to the actual energy ball display. [ofo, harrow bike sharing single day limit]

15. Car owner Service - stop driving and emission reduction (currently only supports users in Beijing)

After stopping driving according to its rules and procedures through [car owner service] - [voluntary stopping and emission reduction], the carbon emission obtained can be used to exchange for ant forest energy. After exchange, the energy ball will be generated immediately and can be collected after 24 hours.

The corresponding car displacement stops driving for one day, and the convertible energy grams displayed on the page shall prevail.

16. Idle fish trading

At present, only second-hand transactions such as credit quick sale of household appliances, mobile phones, notebooks and cameras are supported. After the order is confirmed, green energy is distributed to users (sellers), with a maximum of 5 recycling orders per month. (Note: iPad does not belong to notebook and does not generate energy)

Household electricity 9.763kg/set

Mobile phone 0.631kg/set

Notebook 0.987kg/set

Camera 2.286kg/set

Recycling used clothes for energy

1) Entrance: free fish - Credit quick sale - old clothes recycling

2) Energy rule:

Calculation rule: each time you sell clothes in the free fish credit express sale, you will get 790g energy per order (regardless of the number of clothes recovered). The monthly upper limit shares an upper limit with everyone's electricity, notebook, camera and mobile phone, with a maximum of 5 transactions per month.

For example, the customer has sold 4 TVs on the credit express this month, and sold 2 clothes on the credit express. These 2 clothes only give 790g energy to the first one, and the second one is judged to be beyond the line, so no energy is given.

3) Page style:

Note: energy can be obtained only by recycling clothes sold at credit speed. Other channels, such as clothes recycling among users, do not generate energy

17. Users who purchase green consumer appliances on Taobao / tmall can receive green energy in ant forest on the 8th day after confirming receipt.

1、 Scene

Users who purchase green consumer appliances on Taobao / tmall can receive green energy in ant forest on the 8th day after confirming receipt.

2、 Entrance

Tmall / Taobao, products with 'green baby' label.

3、 Energy rule

Calculation rules:

Green baby energy rule: after purchasing 'green baby', users can receive energy in the ant forest on the 8th day after confirming receipt. If there are returns and cancellation of orders (including goods applying for refund) during this period (confirmed receipt - the 8th day), they will not release energy. Up to 3 sets per month. Give the first three energies according to the receiving order.

Air conditioner 39.6kg/set

Refrigerator 34.8kg/set

Washing machine 23.8kg/set

TV 5.09kg/set

Electric water heater 13.96kg/set