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Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award 2019 Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award Winners

As one of the most influential awards in the field of life science in China, the 12th award ceremony of "Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award" was held at Nankai University on 27, and a total of 16 scientists won the awards.

Academician Lin Hongxuan of Institute of plant physiology and ecology, Shanghai Academy of life sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and academician Shaofeng of Beijing Institute of life sciences won the "Tan Jiazhen Life Science Achievement Award"; Dinshaw & middot, memorial Sloan Kettering cancer center; Academician Patel won the 'Tan Jiazhen International Cooperation Award in life sciences'; Professor Huang Xiaojun of the people's Hospital of Peking University and Professor Jia Weiping of the Sixth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University won the 'Tan Jiazhen Clinical Medicine Award'; Professor Wei Dongzhi of Luhua Institute of biotechnology, East China University of technology won the 'Tan Jiazhen life science industrialization award'; Professor Chen Peng and other 10 scholars from the school of chemistry and molecular engineering of Peking University won the 'Tan Jiazhen Life Science Innovation Award' respectively.

Tan Jiazhen is a world-famous geneticist and one of the founders of modern genetics in China. He founded China's first genetics major, the first Genetics Institute and the first college of life sciences in China.

The "Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award" was established with the approval of the Ministry of science and technology in 2008 and is selected once a year. It aims to uphold Mr. Tan's dedication to the cause of life science, promote the industrialization of life science research achievements and encourage Chinese life science workers to innovate continuously.

It is understood that since the 10th session, 'Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award' has been jointly organized by the consortium of Life Science Societies of China Association for science and technology and the Award Committee of Tan Jiazhen Life Science Award. " Tan Jiazhen's International Cooperation Award for life sciences was set for the first time this year.