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Dragon Boat Festival tie colorful rope to dispel disaster and pestilence

When the Dragon Boat Festival arrives, zongzi, colorful rope and sachet are sold all over the street. Why does the Dragon Boat Festival bring colorful rope?

It is an important custom of Dragon Boat Festival to tie multicolored rope for children. It has the good meaning of praying for Naji. The predecessor of the long life lock is the long life thread, also known as the long life thread. Its significance lies in locking the child's life and avoiding the invasion of disease and epidemic ghosts. The ancients believed that once children put on the lock, they can grow up safely without disaster and disaster; the long life lock more expressed the blessing of the elders to the younger generation.

Every Dragon Boat Festival, every family hangs five color silk ropes on the lintel to avoid misfortune. So traditionally, five color silk ropes are used to weave into ropes, with silver locks, wrapped around children's arms, to pray for the elimination of evil spirits and disasters, and to cure diseases for a long time!

In the early morning of the Dragon Boat Festival, the first important thing for adults to get up is to tie the Dragon Boat Festival line on their children's wrists, ankles and necks while they are sleeping. When tying the line, the child can't speak. And some married men are also forced to wear colored rope by their wives. Many men are afraid of being seen jokes, so they quietly tie them to their ankles.

This five color rope has also been paid attention to. It must be tied before the sun comes out, otherwise it will not work. Moreover, the five color rope cannot be arbitrarily torn or discarded. It can only be washed away with the rain when it is still in the drain of the courtyard wall after the Dragon Boat Festival in the heavy rain.

Why does Dragon Boat Festival take colorful rope? The custom of Dragon Boat Festival is originated in Han Dynasty and has not declined. People regard colorful rope as "colorful dragon", Dragon Boat Festival is also known as "children's Day", and may is known as poison moon by the ancients. Tying colorful rope on Dragon Boat Festival means to protect children from evil spirits. The five colored rope washed away with the water will become a little dragon and take away the bad things from you. In this way, worry and sorrow will flow away with the rain, which will bring you a year of good luck.

It is reported that in ancient China, five colors were worshipped as auspicious colors. It used to be a very popular festival custom to tie arms with five colored silk. It is recorded in the book of General Customs in Han Dynasty: "on May 5, five colors of silk were given for life extension, which is said to benefit people's lives. In the book of Jingchu's age, it is recorded that 'the arm is tied with colorful silk, which is called Bibing. It's harmless. '

It's very exquisite to wear colorful thread on Dragon Boat Festival. Multicolored thread is made of five colors of thread. The five colors are not just any five colors, but must be green, white, red, black and yellow. These five colors represent wood, gold, fire, water and earth respectively from the theory of yin and Yang and five elements. At the same time, they symbolize East, West, South, North and middle respectively, and contain five magic powers, which can expel evil spirits, eliminate diseases and strengthen the body, and make people healthy and long-lived.

Although the first rain of Dragon Boat Festival is agreed by the folk custom, the color rope should be removed and thrown into the rain to float away, to symbolize being away from evil, trouble and disease, and sorrow, but we hope that you don't throw it everywhere, you'd better throw it into the rain water in a quiet place, so as not to affect the environment and increase the workload of sanitation workers.

In addition to the custom of bringing multicolored ropes, there are also small peppers and tiger shoes hanging on the Dragon Boat Festival. The children write "Wang" on their heads. In this way, the children don't make any noise, but also to ward off disasters and pestilence.