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What is the date of 2017 college entrance examination? What are the precautions before the college e

Another year is the college entrance examination season. For this year's college entrance examination students, I wonder if they are full of confidence. The 2017 college entrance examination time is June 7 and 8. Hope that the majority of students can test out their own level!

The notice pointed out that according to the relevant requirements of the notice of the Ministry of education on doing a good job in the enrollment of general colleges and universities in 2017, the time schedule of the national unified examination for the enrollment of general colleges and universities in 2017 is as follows:

June 7, 9:00-11:30 Chinese; 15:00-17:00 mathematics.

From 9:00 to 11:30 on June 8, comprehensive arts / science; from 15:00 to 17:00, foreign language listening test contents shall be arranged before the start of foreign language written test.

According to the notice, the provincial (District, city) examination subjects with the same names as the national unified examination subjects must be in line with the national unified examination schedule. The specific time arrangement of examination subjects shall be reported to the examination center of the Ministry of education for filing through the national education examination management platform.

According to the notice, all provinces (districts and cities) shall make relevant work arrangements according to the above subject time arrangement, and timely announce the examination subject time arrangement to the society.

What are the precautions for college entrance examination?

1. Take the examination permit, ID card and other items with you. It's better to have two more black signing pens and 2b pencils, as well as rubber, ruler and compass for mathematics examination.

2. Don't drink too much water before entering the examination room. Don't go to the toilet during the examination to prevent wasting time.

3. Eat well and sleep well. Make sure you are energetic during the exam. Even if you can't sleep, don't be nervous. When you calm down and empty your mind, you will fall asleep slowly. The more you think about it, the more you can't sleep.

4. It's good to wear comfortable clothes at ordinary times. Our teacher used to say that when we wear new clothes, we always want others to pay attention to them, so we don't need to wear new and bright clothes to avoid distraction.

5. After being familiar with the examination room before, don't think about the location. It's the same everywhere. You can give a psychological hint: this seat is very good.

6. Don't pay too much attention to the invigilator teachers. They think they are fierce. The invigilator teachers do the same thing. There is no one who is good or not. In two days, you can't remember their looks, just ignore them.