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Can expired milk wash your face? Does overdue milk skin care have side effects?

Can expired milk wash your face

Expired milk can wash face, beauty loving women can use expired milk for skin care, the effect of expired milk skin care is no worse than fresh milk.

Due to the large amount of lactic acid produced in expired milk, it can soften cutin and has good moisturizing effect. Second, although the milk has gone bad, the fat in it has not been damaged in a short time, so the moisturizing effect will not be weakened. From this point of view, full fat expired milk skin care effect is better than skim milk.

Methods of expired milk skin care:

With expired milk skin care, you can apply it directly to your face, or you can pour a bottle of expired milk into the bathtub, dilute it with water and then take a bath. However, experts suggest that the effect will be weakened after dilution, so it is best to smear the whole body with milk in advance, massage for 5-10 minutes, and then soak in the bathtub. Because lactobacilli do not cause urinary tract infections, women do not need to worry about the safety of this skin care method.

It should be noted that expired milk should not be used if it has caked. Because when the milk protein agglomerates, it loses the moisturizing effect, and the skin care is not big.

Is it good for overdue milk to make facial mask?

Overdue milk can be used as a facial mask.

Compared with the fresh pure milk, the expired pure milk will produce lactic acid, which belongs to a kind of fruit acid, can soften the horniness and has the function of moisturizing. Expired milk can be used to mask the skin moisturizing, to play a role in beauty. Milk contains a lot of protein, vitamins and microelements, which can effectively improve the dryness and dullness of skin when applied.

The expired milk in a short period of time will not undergo severe deterioration, but the effective nutrients are less or decomposed and absorbed through the skin, so there is no side effect.

However, it should be noted that the short overdue milk can be used, but it is better not to use the long overdue milk. If the expired milk has been lump, do not use it to make milk mask, because lactic acid will not lump, will lump is milk protein, for exfoliating or moisturizing no effect, but also produce a large number of bacteria.