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How much is the same Zhangqiu iron pot?

Three kinds of grass on the tip of the tongue sell for nearly 1000 yuan. China 3 on the tip of the tongue is now hot. Are many people impressed by Zhangqiu iron pot? How much is Zhangqiu iron pot? Eating is a major theme of the Spring Festival. "China on the tip of the tongue 3" was launched, which once again attracted great attention.

These well-known food documentaries rely on excellent production to accompany the audience, which makes people have a big appetite and full of feelings.

And just broadcast an episode on fire a pot!

It's not easy to make Zhangqiu hand-made iron pot, which is "hot overnight". It needs to go through 12 processes, 18 times of heat, 1000 degrees of high temperature tempering, and 36000 times of forging until the pot is like a mirror.

This technique has a long history. It was an important iron smelting town in Han Dynasty. However, around 2000, the industry of hand forging iron pot was once impacted. Until recent years, people once again realized the charm of traditional iron pot. With the help of young people who love handwork, 83 year old Wang Lifang and other teachers who have given up have returned home, and Zhangqiu iron pot technology has revived.

A pot of 3 kinds of grass on the tip of the tongue costs nearly 1000 yuan. The "one night hot" Zhangqiu iron pot is not simple!

Netizens said: read the "tip of the tongue 3" article, Zhangqiu iron pot, Huaiyang kitchen knife, ginkgo chopping board were all planted with grass. For this wave of business opportunities, the price of some kitchenware on the Internet soared, with a wok selling for nearly 1000 yuan.

In the circle of friends, the first batch of "iron pot purchasing" has appeared!

Earlier, on a barrage website, there were hundreds of thousands of trailers about "China 3 on the tip of the tongue", nearly thousands of barrages. Douban netizen's most anticipated comment on the third movie is: hope not to change your original mind.

In the face of the double harvest of "tip 1" and "tip 2" in word-of-mouth and business, whether "tip 3" can still maintain the "original flavor" is only waiting for the audience's response.