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How about a couple getting married 100 times? This time, I finally got the right result

What's the matter with a couple getting married 100 times? Why can a couple get married so many times? Follow Xiaobian to see what's going on. Sun Haoqiang is a staff member of the government of Sandu Town, Jiande, Hangzhou. Although he has worked for a few years, his fame is not small because of his romantic love story with his wife Chen Huifen.

After 100 guest performances of nine surnamed fishermen's water wedding, they got married at the end of last year. It's a good story in the local area. This new year, my wife is pregnant.

Sun Haoqiang, a 28 year old local, worked as a college student village official for a while after graduating from University, and then entered the government of Sandu town.

'I came to work in the government of Sandu town at the end of September 2013. Within a few days of working, the town informed me to go to Sandu fishing village to perform as the bridegroom. "At that time, Sandu town made great efforts to build tourism culture. The young people of the town government would go to the guest show from time to time on Saturday, which was a voluntary work. 'the groom was ill that day, so I was asked to replace him temporarily. It's fate to come now. If I didn't go that day, maybe my future daughter-in-law would run away. '

It was that day that sun Haoqiang met Chen Huifen, the bride, for the first time. 'at the moment when I lifted the cover, I was very excited. That's the girl I've been looking for. '

'I chased her on my own initiative. She has a good temper and a slow temper. If I'm not in a hurry, I think I'll have to play it all the time. 'at the beginning of 2017, there were more than 70 performances. The two agreed to get a marriage certificate when the performance reached 100. At the end of September 2017, there were 100 matches, just four years after their first meeting.

On the last day of 2017, they held their own water wedding.

On that day, although I had played 100 times before, which was also called "old husband and wife", I didn't expect that I would be nervous. As expected, there was a difference between the drill and the actual combat. 'sun Haoqiang said,' the moment when she was covered that day, I seemed to go back to four years ago. It was like another world. I didn't know her name at that time. Now, she is my wife. '