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2018 dog year Spring Festival evening show, summary of dog year Spring Festival evening, what do you

As in previous years, the Spring Festival Gala carries the expectation of numerous audiences and attracts the attention of the public. In addition to gathering many familiar old faces, many popular idols will be invited to the Spring Festival Gala of the year of the dog. So what are the highlights of the 2018 Spring Festival Gala? And what golden sentences burst out?

Faye Wong and Na Ying's Chorus "time" Jay Chou is fat and Kai Wong is thin

The opening song and dance of the Spring Festival Gala of the year of the dog, the year of China, is jointly performed by Phoenix legend, Rong Zuer, Zhou Yumin, Sha Yi, Hu Ke, Tong Liya and Chen Xiao. The three-dimensional stage is perfectly integrated with the happy and melodious songs, bringing the audience into the New Year atmosphere in an instant. In the process of the program on the stage, the audience can also find the actors in the lens sweeping down the audience. Popular Idols such as Li Yifeng, Wang Kai, Yang Yang, Jingtian, Jiang Shuying and other popular idols, as well as Jackie Chan, Huang Bo, Wu Jing, etc., are all sitting around the round table under the stage, which makes the audience exclaim, 'it's really hard for the actors not only to perform, but also to be spectators. '

The audience is good, the stage is good. Wang Kai, Yang Yang and the left behind children gave the audience a tearful and touching song "My Spring Festival Gala, my year". Their songs were praised as "kaikouzu" by netizens. Their feelings of life were narrated with the classical pictures of Spring Festival Gala in the stage background, which moved the audience. To the audience's surprise, Wang Kai on the stage actually lost a round of weight compared with the previous image on the screen. Instead, Jay Chou, who had five spring festival galas, had two chins. Fat to fat, "confession balloon" in the combination of magic, visual effects of the performance is quite handsome. 'ouch! Not bad!' said Feng Gong's saying, 'I miss you so much' finally had an opponent.

What's more surprising is that Huang Bo, Chen Weiting and Zhang Yixing brought the song and dance "the best stage". Although it's not consistent with the other two painting styles, we have to say that Huang Bo's stage performance is so strong that the two long legs, high appearance and fresh meat become their own foil. But considering the retro disco style of this song, the older Huang Bo is more dominant, and the other two are not What a pity. Young also has young good, three consecutive years on CCTV Spring Festival gala's tfboys singing "I have an appointment with 2035" is also very brainwashing, three small only on stage also caused a wave of turmoil among netizens.

What's more exciting is that Wang Fei and Na Ying, who reunited on the Spring Festival Gala stage 20 years later, sang "time" which also aroused the audience's feelings of "time". I was ten years old when I heard "meet 1998" 20 years ago, and I am thirty this year. But compared with the heat of the song itself, the audience's attention seems to be focused on Faye Wong's gloves and Na Ying's eyebrows.

Jia Ling often plays the role of "triangle heart tired" in language programs. Language programs have always been the favorite part of netizens, and the Spring Festival Gala has also been leading the fashion direction of discourse. Every year, a number of popular golden sentences on screen are flashed. Different from the way of making golden sentences in the previous years, there are some original golden sentences in this year's Spring Festival Gala.

Maybe it was two years ago that they were too fierce. This year, Cai Ming and Pan Changjiang stopped pinching each other and played a pair of sweet lovers. In the skit "learning a car", Pan Changjiang's saying: "my woman doesn't need other men to be responsible", "love keeps fresh by expressing love, and love TA needs Suo coarsely" is praised by young netizens as a single dog "taking off the single". But Cai mingkua Pan Changjiang's sentence: "every time I look at him, my heart is thumping, and I look like Li Yifeng." obviously, I saw a bit of embarrassment on Li Yifeng's face under the stage.

Sun Tao's skits also produce golden sentences every year, such as "I'm proud" and "you've made a big deal" in the previous two years, and "you're manic" this year. In his essay "put forward opinions", the golden sentence "it's hard to do things with a good face" is also quite a warning.

Jia Ling's sketches can be called the most popular language class this year. In the background of the Spring Festival Gala in the absence of happy Mahua, Jia Ling, who was absent last year and returned this year, obviously held back her tricks and became the laughing point of the whole Spring Festival Gala. In the sketch "true and false teacher", the words "what to pay at the beginning of school, what to worry about!" and "pinching the students' feet, causing a very bad impact" have also brought a lot of obstacles. However, the most impressive memory for the audience is the exquisite story structure and the in place performance of several actors, especially the three images of the hour workers, parents and teachers, and Jia Lingzhen, who switches roles in one second, is really 'very tired'.

The grand and majestic performance of the young compere

This year's Spring Festival Gala has opened up branch venues again. The five continents celebrate together and the whole world is jubilant. Guizhou Qiandongnan, Guangdong Zhuhai, Shandong Qufu, Tai'an and Hainan Sanya usher in the jubilant moment together with CCTV hall 1.

There is no space limit for the outdoor stage, which is the most beautiful in history. The song "courage" performed in Zhuhai branch of Guangdong Province cooperates with the circus performance, and forms two stages on the ground and perpendicular to the ground. Through the special angle of follow-up shooting, the whole scene is majestic and visually stimulating.

Sanya Branch of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, located at Sanya International Cruise Port, is glittering. The beautiful stage of 4500 square meters is connected with the landscape and urban landscape of Sanya. Tai'an, Shandong Province, is like Mount Tai's towering stage, and Qiandongnan branch of Guizhou Province has a passionate and characteristic dance, which gives the audience a sense of enjoying the magnificent mountains and rivers of the motherland. Of course, I also want to thank the actors in the branch. From the close-up of Huang Xiaoming, Zhong Hanliang, Yan Chengxu and other actors in Tai'an Branch, we can see that the temperature is really low.

It's also hard for the host. The host team of this year's Spring Festival Gala is young as a whole. The older generation of Zhu Jun and Dong Qing, the two hosts of this year's Spring Festival Gala, has failed to appear this year. Instead, they are supported by the backbone forces Kang Hui, Zhu Xun, Ren Luyu, the younger generation of Li Sisi and nigmati. However, several young hosts are able to serve as the leaders and accomplish the task excellently.

In addition to the branch venue, this Spring Festival Gala also introduced a wave of "God operation". 48 extreme skydivers from many countries spelled the word "Fu" with their bodies at 5500 meters, which made the audience enjoy it. Brother in the sky, steady!